No Human Involved

No Human Involved Munch Mancini wants a new life To make ends meet she is working as an auto mechanic in Venice California and trying to lose old habits But she has to kick than a heroin addiction she s wanted for m

  • Title: No Human Involved
  • Author: Barbara Seranella
  • ISBN: 9780061013614
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Munch Mancini wants a new life To make ends meet, she is working as an auto mechanic in Venice, California, and trying to lose old habits But she has to kick than a heroin addiction she s wanted for murder As usual, there s no one to turn to for help, so it s up to Munch alone to clean up her act, clear her name, and save her life.

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      337 Barbara Seranella
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    1. Barbara Seranella was born in Santa Monica, California and grew up in Pacific Palisades After a restless childhood that included running away from home at 14, joining a hippie commune in the Haight, and riding with outlaw motorcycle clubs, she decided to settle down and do something normal so she became an auto mechanic.She worked at an Arco station in Sherman Oaks for five years and then a Texaco station in Brentwood for another twelve At the Texaco station, she rose to the rank of service manager and then married her boss Figuring she had taken her automotive career as far as it was going to carry her, she retired in 1993 to pursue the writing life.Seranella s books have been hailed for their gritty realism, smart plotting, taut suspense, and their highly original heroine.

    2. A much darker story than I had expected, but I really liked the main character Munch and wanted the best for her as she tried to escape her old life - even if her actions were not the most sensible or civilised!

    3. Read many years ago i know I liked it as I answered a question regarding books with female mechanics and the author's name popped into my mind.

    4. [These comments are taken from a mailing list discussion and as such contain spoilers.][on the characters]I've been looking forward to reading this book for yonks and was expecting to love it and I wasn't disappointed. I was surprised that Mace had a bigger role than Munch as I hadn't heard about him and having read the book I'm surprised to find that Mace doesn't come back again straight away in the next book. If I hadn't known that this was Munch's series before reading the book then I would h [...]

    5. This was an Ok read. I didn't think I was going to like it for the first several chapters. If it weren't for Munch, the now ex-junkie hooker, I don't think I would have liked it as much as I did. She was a very interesting character. Now for the writing and editing.- I honestly can't say that it was edited at all. In one paragraph it would be in one setting but the next paragraph would bounce to something completely different. This happened a fair amount. - The author introduced the main detecti [...]

    6. No Human Involved is the first book in Barbara Seranella's Munch Mancini series. I had read two of the later books in the series before reading this first one. All are enjoyable books, with this one, it was good to get the 'background' on Munch's character, including the origination of the name Munch. Somehow this book seemed to be a harsher look at Munch's lifestyle, (view spoiler)[I suppose this is because she is only a few days sober/clean and the threat of her backsliding is closer to being [...]

    7. No Human Involved, by Barbara Seranella, b-plus,Narrated by Paul Poehmer, produced by Audible Inc downloaded from audible.I have been waiting a long time for these books to become available through audible. They are all available now. I could wish that they had chosen a female narrator, but Boehmer does a decent job of narration. In this book we’re introduced to Munch Mansini. Munch is her nickname, for Munchkin, because she’s so short. She hasn’t had an easy life. She’s barely out of he [...]

    8. I could do without the AA/god flag-waving, but the gonorrhea-riddled (not one strain, but two, greedy thing!), lately-anti-heroin anti-heroine does have her moments. I also learned a great deal about the internal combustion engine. But what's all this bolleaux about teletypes & ham radio, I thought, then remembered that the book was set in the seventies/eighties (nineteen, not eighteen). For which reason, the pre-Crips & Bloods evocation of badlands Venice, CA, was effective too.Authores [...]

    9. I read this book because a friend recommended the author to me, and this was the first of the series. Munch Mancini is a junkie, a former hooker and a victim of abuse. She is determined to get her life back together, though and get clean. When her brutal father, "Flower George" is murdered, she is the main suspect. Mace St. John is the cop investigating the murder and ties Munch to the gruesome murders of several hookers. He needs to find Munch to find out what really happened, and Munch will ha [...]

    10. I just couldn't handle this book. I cannot think of any other time that I didn't see a book through, even if I did fail to get into it but this one - I just couldn't go on it just never picked up, grasped me and was highly predictable -what I did manage to read of it. The description sounded incredibly griping but - it doesn't seem to totally fit - unless of course it takes more than 53% of the book to get to the point where it does fit the synopsis.I'd give the author another chance for sure an [...]

    11. I'm always looking for crime authors that I haven't read before. I almost passed on Seranella because her main character is named Munch. A little too cutesy for me. But then I read that Munch is an auto-mechanic. That intrigued me enough to give this book a shot. Maybe I could learn a little about car repair.As the story starts Munch is a drug addict who's taking her first steps toward recovery. Seranella does a good job of weaving this into the story without distracting from the plot.As a whole [...]

    12. It was an interesting mystery. I think it's a perfect commuter book, and you'll find it difficult to quit since it is a cliff-hanger from chapter to chapter. However, it's not a omg omg omg kind of book, but the characters are definitely captivating. The only problem is the killer is strangely out of sight and off stage, more distant lightening than thunder, and when the mystery resolves it is too quick and inert. Munch, one of the two main characters, is pleasingly both a mess and competent sur [...]

    13. Great story. Good pacing. I loved the characters, very fleshed out. Mace and his cronies could have their own spin off series, his instincts, detective work, and connections were so well done. Munch was tough and smart can't wait to see what else she does. A vulnerable underdog it's easy to route for but the author avoids pulling at your heart strings by making her capable and determined. Also, she doesn't spend time in the sickos heads, just sticks to the facts, it somehow keeps the nastiness f [...]

    14. This is a story about a junkie and a homicide detective- I liked that its main characters were so un-relatable, yet still somehow likable. This is, somehow, also what I did not like. If the author had pushed a little harder, gone a little deeper- if she had made the characters less likable and (or more relatable) it would have been the same story, really, but so much more intellectually stimulating.

    15. The first of a series, the main character, Munch Mancini, is a recovering addict and the survivor of a terrible childhood including being repeatedly raped by a man who has told her he is her father, or maybe not.At the inception of this series, Munch has stopped taking drugs (the reason is not revealed), running from the police, buys a $300 car and gets stranded in the Sepulveda Pass when the timing chain of her purchased car becomes stripped.

    16. A mystery novel, split between the detective on the case and the runaway it affected. Much of the story concerns the daily minutia of their lives rather than the investigation of Munch's father's death. Munch is a fascinating and heartbreaking character--an addicted teen with nothing going for her but stubborn will and experience as a mechanic. The mystery isn't great, and the ending is just ridiculous.

    17. Interesting story if you enjoy police novelsWhile this is admittedly not my usual genre, I found the story interesting, character development nicely done and the characters interesting. I found only one instance of confusion toward the end, where it appeared the author lost track of the scene being created. Munch is tied up outside, but the scene seems to indicate something inside and upstairs for her location. All said, the story keeps the reader's attention to the end.

    18. A tightly written mystery involving a mechanic who's trying to kick heroin and escape her harrowing pasta total page turner. This is the first in a series and now I need to rest, stat! Sadly, I just found out the author passed very recently from liver disease while she was waiting for a transplant.

    19. It was alright. I really enjoyed both of the main characters of the book and how the story developed. it didn't have me eager to keep the pages turning and the ending was less than great. This is also notually the type ofok I choose for myself though, so that may play into how I felt about it general.

    20. Another re-read, and a favorite series. Gritty, rough, with the major character very flawed woman. This book the first in a series. Am waiting for the next in the series so I can read them all in order.

    21. I read this because of a NY magazine recommendation and was very disappointed: no real sense of mystery or suspense, two-dimension characters, sloppy plotting, too many cliches and stereotypes, flabby voice.

    22. Intense, heartening. Spattered lightly with foul language, some very ugly violence. Good guys win & new life to those who change, not a Christian novel but similar theme with different "higher power" (gods). TTS-enabled, free on at this time (2014 A.D.).

    23. I love Munch Mancini and Barbara Seranella. I'm glad I decided to re-visit this series. It's so great.

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