Gucci Gucci Coo

Gucci Gucci Coo The acclaimed author of Original Cyn finds fertile ground for her wicked wit in this ferociously funny new novel about babies sex celebrityd daring to date a gynecologist Ruby still single at thirty

  • Title: Gucci Gucci Coo
  • Author: Sue Margolis
  • ISBN: 9780385338998
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • The acclaimed author of Original Cyn finds fertile ground for her wicked wit in this ferociously funny new novel about babies, sex, celebrityd daring to date a gynecologist.Ruby still single at thirty two Silverman has made a name for herself at Les Sprogs, her exclusive baby boutique where trust fund mothers swaddle their infants in the hottest designer wear But aThe acclaimed author of Original Cyn finds fertile ground for her wicked wit in this ferociously funny new novel about babies, sex, celebrityd daring to date a gynecologist.Ruby still single at thirty two Silverman has made a name for herself at Les Sprogs, her exclusive baby boutique where trust fund mothers swaddle their infants in the hottest designer wear But all those bumps and babes can t prepare Ruby for the bombshell her fifty year old mother drops on her Ruby s about to get a baby brother or sister When Ruby recovers from the shock of her mother s pregnancy, she can t help but question her own baby making future Is catering to celebrity moms and cooing over her friends kids all she has to look forward to Sam Epstien would passionately disagree He s the gorgeous Jewish gynecologist who has set his amorous sights on her Soon they re seriously involved, and life seems to be looking up for Ruby Until she stumbles upon a shady baby brokering business that could erupt into a major scandal, derail her career, and maybe even force her to toss the supposedly perfect man out with the bathwater.

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    2 thoughts on “Gucci Gucci Coo

    1. Sue Margolis is the author of nine books, which have than half a million copies in print from Bantam Dell She lives in England, where she s at work on her next novel.Sue worked as a reporter for the BBC, before leaving broadcasting to write her first novel She lives in London with her journalist husband Jonathan They have three grown up children Sue s hobbies include napping, constantly interfering in her children s lives, not going out, eating especially the remains of the previous night s take out curry straight from the fridge, and watching made for TV true life movies in her PJs.

    2. Trite. Filled with cliche and preachy. Most of the characters seemed to be caricatures rather than believable. The amount of discussion of "too posh to push" motherhood got very old. I kept waiting for the book to redeem itself but it never did.

    3. British Chick Lit-Great book, a little different for Sue Margolis. Still funny but not as gratuitous as usual. Proves that she can practice different styles of writing.Ruby Silverman's boutique caters to London mothers who treat their tots like the latest fashion accessories. And the type of celebrities whose pregnancy bumps miraculously disappear the minute they're holding their new bundles of joy. But when she accidentally catches a pregnant star sporting a prosthetic belly, she suspects somet [...]

    4. Terrible. This book was awful. The premise is an interesting one, but the execution is just plain bad. The characters are stupid (not 'Ugh, that character is one I don't like and it doesn't even make sense for this plot' stupid, but actually intellectually dead). For a business woman who has tapped a much-needed niche of her world, you would think she wouldn't be a complete dolt. But she is. She keeps landing herself in the same situations over and over by jumping to conclusions, not listening, [...]

    5. A really great book. Ruby runs a baby boutique in the U.K. that is known amongst the circles of the rich and famous. She is used to celebrity clientele but after an encounter with a particular celebrity her life is thrown upside down. She unearths some serious wrong- doing that may or may not involve the newly found man of her dreams. On top of this her fifty something year old mother has just announced she is expecting a child. I loved the tone of the author and the overall atmosphere of the bo [...]

    6. The first book I translated into Romanian for the Polirom Publishing House. At times I felt like I was gonna burst with laughter, plus the writer is a pretty smart woman with sharp screenplay writer skills(as she ought to, given her job). Not a book for those with existential problems or high literary aspirations and criteria. Plain, guilty, nightstand fun.Definitely commercial, but fun, catchy and Briget Jonesian all the way, complete with 50 year-old pregnant mothers, a detective plot, celebri [...]

    7. I checked this book out at the library! I can't remember where I saw the review that it was good but I found it boring.Some of the book was quite humourous but most was boring. I actually liked the character Ruby but she just had so much going on in the book that it became boring to read.Ruby's mom is 50 and pregnant which was a shock to Ruby and her aunt Sylivie that was a funny scene.There are some funny parts its just so long and full of boring I had to rate it low.

    8. Running Les Sprogs, an elite baby boutique, is the perfect opportunity for Ruby Silverman. It gives her the chance to work towards her dream of opening her own shop. Though she enjoys her line of work and the direction her life is headed in, she can't help but to feel a little pressure to find the right man and maybe start a family of her own. When she heads over to her parents house one day, she gets hit with the most unexpected news Her mother is pregnant. Ruby discovers that she will be a 32 [...]

    9. Thank you to Melissa Amster and the ladies at Chick Lit Central for a copy of Gucci, Gucci, Coo by Sue Margolis. I am so thankful when opportunities such as this happen. I get to share this fabulous book. Sue Margolis is not an author that I have read before. My readers are in for a great treat!Synopsis:Ruby runs a shop in the suburbs of London that sells fashionable babywear. She runs the shop with Chanel but her cousin Stella owns part of the shop as well. Ruby has to go for annual appointment [...]

    10. Ruby Silverman grew up as an only child, and her parents were both artists. Later in life, Ruby wants to become a business owner, and so with the help of a family member, she opens a baby store called "Les Sprogs". Business is great for her, and she even has a few celebrities as customers. At a doctor's appointment, Ruby meets a new man, and then runs into him multiple more times. They begin a new relationship, and he works at the nearby hospital. Yet, things seem to become a little fishy when h [...]

    11. I am putting these books together (Original Cyn) because they from the same author and I accidentally read them back to back. And thinking back about them, they are really the same book, just slightly different backdrops. But all the characters are the exact same and the exact same thing happens and the outcome happens in the same way. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but looking back, I love connecting books, but this was a bit much.Girl is a Jewish Brit. I love that, because it’s so so so rare! [...]

    12. This really cute story is about Ruby. She is a smart business savvy girl with an eye for the unusual. Especially when it comes to new Mother's. She is co-owner of a very posh shop in England called Le Sprogs.This books is full of some really cool twists and turns, some of them I never expected. Take a couple of Hollywood type mother's, some eating disorders, and a very swank baby delivery hospital, and you have Gucci Gucci Coo.Margolis does a great job of tell Ruby's story and she adds just a da [...]

    13. Want my honest opinion??? (I rather read another type of book).I wanted to read this book because a wonderful friend sent it to me ----(I adore my friend)!!!!This is just not the type of book for me ---(not really).Things I DID enjoy about this book:1) LOVE the Cover and the title of the Book (adorable). I hope I can still appreciate 'cute'. 2) I enjoyed The British/English writing (yet, we are not speaking great literature) --fun 'slang'3)The Characters were likeable I appreciate that woman enj [...]

    14. more a 3 1/2 Good fun story and the author read it well. Sue apologies at the beginning that her American accent for the couple of American characters and yea wasn't all that but it was alright you could identify the characters were from the USA . BUT what really got my goat was British London characters calling a packet of crisps photo chips and even more annoying our babies here in the uk wear nappies not diapers and we put our penny worth in not our ten cents worth in. Other than that this w [...]

    15. The beginning was a bit slow, but once it started to pick up, it was an entertaining read between Ruby dating a gynecologist, her 50 year old mother being pregnant and everything else in between that happened. I thought the whole scandal was extremely creative and definitely surprising. The ending was a nice touch to the book because it wrapped everything up so there were no unanswered questions.

    16. This book was an easy read and fun. It is very shocking to find out that you will be having a baby sister or brother at age 32, even more when your mom becomes pregnant at age 50! Well Ruby goes through alot of doubts with her GYN-boyfriend,Sam when she finds out a major scandal about St.Lukes hospital the prestigious maternity childbirth for celebrities has been doing shady business. At the end it all clears that Sam was not involved and life seems to be looking for Ruby.

    17. Sue Margolis' latest is another chick-lit masterpiece. It may be my favorite so far. Like all of her books, the plot line is a bit far-fetched, but that is what makes the story fun to read and easy to get absorbed in. You can't believe it, but you also can't stop turning the pages to find out what crazy things happen next.

    18. Loved this book. I finished it before Christmas but haven't had time to post anything until now. Don't let that say anything about my thoughts of this book though. This book was hilarious and surprising. There was also a hint of scandal and danger. Mix that with one hot relationship, and you end up with a book that you just don't want to put down.

    19. Ruby's life has become very complicated at the moment. She co-owns an upscale baby boutique with her elitist relative that gives her very little say in the business, has a pregnant 50-year-old mother, is in love with a gorgeous American doctor that she is constantly embarrassing herself around, and has uncovered a major surrogacy scandal at a top-rated hospital. Good, fast read.

    20. It definitely had its funny moments. The stamp in the vagina was hilarious. It had ups and downs, but overall was good. There was really no mystery so if you are looking for a good mystery this isn't it. I also liked the fact that the 50 yr old mom got pregnant. Some 50yr old moms wouldn't quite take it as well as she did.

    21. This book was very difficult to read. There were too many side stories and side stories from the original side stories, which made the plot unfold very very slowly. I read about 50 pages and became fed up with the book and stopped reading. I was disappointed because I really enjoyed a couple other of Margolis' books, but this one was just too confusing and slow for me.

    22. I have recently finished this book and will never look at celebrity pregnancy in the same way. It took me awhile to warm up to the plot and certain of the characters made me laugh out loud a few timesbut I do feel as though the ending was rushed and left unfinishedwhich is why I rated it a 3/5.

    23. Egh. Really I would rate it 2 1/2 stars if I could. There were parts that were funny and parts that had nice twists but overall the writing was expectable and cutesy to the point that I was actually rolling my eyes while reading. The end is better than the beginning if you can push through - I thought about not finishing the book about 1/2 way through. Just not my thing.

    24. Light summer fun, 1st book I've read by this author. I did like how all the loose ends were tied up by the end of the book but thought the plot was a bit see-through (a woman who's mother raised her boho is running a maternity shop and falls in love;her boho mama at 50 becomes pregnant. There's a bit more than just this going on but let's not give away all of it, hmmm?

    25. While keeping with standard chick-lit blueprint, Gucci Gucci Coo had an original plot line. It was a fast readough, I found the epilogue to be a little bit lengthy. Other than that - I am excited to read more Sue Margolis books!!

    26. Funny until the end. Then it was as if Author Margolis realized that she had to put in a plot and create and solve all the questions on her back cover. Ultimately, that docked it two stars and eliminated any chance it had of me recommending it.

    27. This book was super cute and had a great plot! The only draw back is that the author is pretty out there (vulgarity) etc. Not typical American vulgarity -- it's a British book. But anyway super cute if your mind can edit some of the junk.

    28. Not a big fan of this one - it was an odd mix of chick lit, baby stuff, and mystery. The mystery part was odd and not entirely cohesive. The characters were just ok and I felt like the plot dragged out a bit much.Meh - one star.

    29. I liked it overall but some of the plot-lines seemed a little "hmmm". Like, the things that were introduced in the first 5 chapters were not important through the rest of the book. That said, I didn't forsee the ending and that is unusual for me in chick-lit so it ended on a very high note!

    30. Another fun book from Margolis. And while it followed the same formula as the others, it had some innovative aspects such as the protagonist's 50-year-old mother having a baby. It's not a great idea to read too many of her books one after the other because the similarities become very clear.

    31. Oh my God, this book. I got about 50 pages into it, and wanted to poke my eyes out. I think it might have been written by a 6th grader, the dialogue was so bad. Perhaps it has a great story, I'll never know, but it just wasn't worth it for me!

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