Funhouse When The Devil s Elbow roller coaster goes off its track and several teenagers are hurt everyone thinks it was just an accident So no one listens when Tess says she saw someone tampering with the tra

  • Title: Funhouse
  • Author: Diane Hoh
  • ISBN: 9780590430500
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • When The Devil s Elbow roller coaster goes off its track and several teenagers are hurt, everyone thinks it was just an accident So no one listens when Tess says she saw someone tampering with the track But one person knows it s true That person is playing a deadly game and is going to make sure Tess doesn t stand in the way Tess soon finds she s being terrorized, wWhen The Devil s Elbow roller coaster goes off its track and several teenagers are hurt, everyone thinks it was just an accident So no one listens when Tess says she saw someone tampering with the track But one person knows it s true That person is playing a deadly game and is going to make sure Tess doesn t stand in the way Tess soon finds she s being terrorized, with threatening notes, menacing phone calls, slashed tires and nasty pranks When another accident occurs in the Funhouse, Tess is sure that she was the intended victim Who is committing all these horrifying acts And why Tess is just beginning to realize that the Funhouse can scare you death.

    • Unlimited [Psychology Book] Ó Funhouse - by Diane Hoh Î
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    1. Diane Hoh is the author of fifty seven novels for young adults She grew up in Warren, Pennsylvania but currently resides in Austin, Texas Reading and writing are her favorite things, also gardening and grandchildren.

    2. Seventeen-year-old Tess Landers is hanging out with many school friends at the amusement park on The Boardwalk, in Santa Luisa, California. After she stops in the ladies restroom she comes back out and watches the rollercoaster go up the track (with three of her friends on board). To her horror she sees it fly off the track and crash before her eyes, killing and maiming many on board, including three of her friends. She tells the friends she’s with that she noticed someone that looked suspicio [...]

    3. There are few things more awesome than cheese and FUNHOUSE certainly fit that mould nicely. Not only that but I love reading un-updated works if for nothing more than the outdated styles of dress. Boys in cutoff jeans? Ha! But I remember it. Most of it would probably be pretty innocuous to the younger readers now simply because the descriptions aren't too detailed but every once in a while you'll get the little nugget of nostalgia that'll have you going 'yup.' Love it.FUNHOUSE combines two of my [...]

    4. Oh Point horror books. These were my addiction when I was in junior high. For that reason, they don't have the best impression in my head, as far as books go. I love them, but I think of them as crap. I don't know why, because that really isn't true. Funhouse IS decently written and a fun read, the mystery is as good as half the mystery books I read. I'm absolutely going to go back an read a bunch more of these books :)

    5. I love the point horror novels and the like that I grew up reading. They always bring forth a rush of nostalgia and I remember reading this one in particular, several times. The cover is classic and looks awesome. I love anything to do with clowns, carnivals, circuses, and amusement parks. They're my favorite settings and concepts for novels and films, particularly in the horror genre. Hoh uses the boardwalk setting effectively and I enjoyed her descriptions of all of its attractions, concession [...]

    6. I've been re-reading a lot of the Point Horror books lately and enjoying them, but this one was hard to read. To be honest, they're all a bit cheesy and/or full of plot holes, but it usually doesn't bother me too much since they're still fun to read. This one, not so much. First off, the names were ridiculous - Doss, Beak and Guy-Joe? That's just a travesty. I mean come on - Guy-Joe??? Really?Every chapter that was written through the killer's point of view was laughably bad. The killer's motiva [...]

    7. Another teen horror novel whose cover was instantly familiar to me. Oh my gosh, the font for the title!!! So good.This book was really silly and full of plot holes. But I am burying the lead . . . which is that there is a character named "Guy Joe." Seriously. Actually, it is Guy Joe, Jr which means there is a Guy Joe, Sr. Guy Joe!!!!! For real.The book starts with a pretty grim scene in which a roller coaster derails, killing and maiming several friends of the main character, Tess. But there's n [...]

    8. I remember reading this back in the day when I use to come home from school with book order forms.Super fast re-read.

    9. It’s just another evening at the local Boardwalk for Tess and her friends… until the Devil’s Elbow roller coaster jumps off the tracks, with deadly results. Everyone thinks the derailed roller coaster was an accident. Everyone except Tess. She saw someone there, tinkering with the track. It wasn’t an accident––it was murder. And the killer isn’t done yet.Though Funhouse was originally released prior to the launch of the Point Horror series, in my opinion, it’s the pinnacle of ’ [...]

    10. Thoroughly enjoyable reread. The whole concept and plot of this book is complete nonsense of course (I mean, if you were planning on murdering people you would do so in a not so over-the-top fashion that would result in your capture and/or possible escape of the intended victims) but still very fun to read if you decide to gloss over the nonsensical storyline (like I've chosen to do). One thing that really annoyed me however was the attitude of the police force and the men in this book. They wer [...]

    11. Excerpt from my review - originally published at Offbeat YA. Pros: Clean, short book - an easy introduction to the genre for young, reluctant readers. No graphic descriptionsbut see below.Cons: Lacks substance. Requires suspension of disbelief on many levels. The outcome of the first "incident" might upset some youngsters.Will appeal to: Those who are new to thrillers and mysteries.Sort-of-disclaimer: I read the Italian translation of this book, so I can't really judge the writing style. Also, I [...]

    12. Hmm, weird. I could have sworn I'd put this on "currently reading" again, since I just re-read it!This was one of the very first Point books my brother owned and so one of the first either of us read. Possibly the very first, though THE ACCIDENT also by Diane Hoh is up there as a candidate too. I just re-read it now, at the age of 31, andI've got to say it was pretty cheesy. Some of the other Point books I've read are definitely much higher quality writing. This one had a good plot (or so I thou [...]

    13. I remember reading this sometime during high school, for fun of course. I bought it the night before me and my family were supposed to take a trip to visit Canadian relatives, so I should have been going to bed early to wake up early. But I recall staying up very late because I couldn't stop reading it. It's one of those "Point Chillers" from "my day" as a high school student. It's a creepy story about teenagers in and around an amusement park/ funhouse where accidents are occurring and people a [...]

    14. Tess socializes with her friends at the Boardwalk where there is an amusement park with a variety of rides from the famous Devil’s Elbow rollercoaster to the creepy Funhouse. But someone is out for Tess and her friends and is rigging the rides to hurt them. After a couple of trips to the hospital and with the police doing nothing, Tess takes it upon herself to try and figure out who is behind the attacks. But Tess soon finds herself in mortal danger….facing the person she least expected….I [...]

    15. I own a paperback but I can't find the version here in so I chose to save this Audio version for my shelf.For a stand alone pocketbook read, I find the story highly entertaining. You can actually see both sides of the story because the protagonist and antagonist's point of view is clearly depicted. The backstory is amazingly historical, in my mind it's like I was watching from an actual flashback scene of a film. Funhouse is a good read, I gave it four stars because the twist is a little predic [...]

    16. I bought this book while on study abroad in London, England for Elon College, which is now Elon University. I always loved it as a cute and gripping Murder Mystery for young people. I actually believe it was my first Murder Mystery to read, but it will always be a fond favorite of mine.

    17. I love the Point Horror series for all of its 90s nostalgia and diet-horror-lite cheese. This one, however, wasn't totally enjoyable. The author revealed too much too early, making for one boring reading experience.

    18. Oh this was fun.One of those, 1990 cheesy teen one of the friends is the killer but who is it? books, maybe not that great of quality (but to be honest, better than I was expecting), but definitely fun. One that definitely kept you guessing as to who the killer actually was, if you look at all of my updates you can see just how many times I changed my mind. It was just fun, man. Nothing more to it.

    19. An enjoyable YA novel from the 90's, the main character Tess is convinced that there's more to the supposed 'accident' at the fairground and takes it upon herself to investigate further.

    20. It's funny, Funhouse was so full of holes and places that required great suspension of disbelief. Yet I really quite liked it. Maybe that's due to my nostalgia; Funhouse was one of the earliest Point Horror books I owned as a kid. (That said, The Fever was the first one I had, and was one of my favourites as a 9 and 10-year-old, yet my adult self didn't like it at all. So nostalgia doesn't account for everything.)The basic plot points are as follows: Tess lives in a small coastal town along with [...]

    21. This is such an 80s/early 90s book. Let me be clear: that's not a bad thing. As a child of the 90s, books like these were a staple of my pre-teen and teenage years. And I'll admit that I picked this book up purely for nostalgic reasons. I was also curious to see if it would stand the test of time, as I loved the Nightmare Hall series growing up. Unfortunately, this book is one that I think belongs in the past. If you have read it before, I wouldn't suggest reading it again. If, like me, you neve [...]

    22. Rating: 4 of 5Funhouse was among the many Point Horror books I read in the 90s, between the ages of 12 to 16. These stories always thrilled and entertained, and yes, there was a healthy dose of jumps and creepies.Nowadays, I'd recommend the Point Horror books for younger 12- to 15-year-olds, who want to dip their pinkie toe in the horror pool. (These books will likely fall short for anyone who's already dabbled in adult dark fiction or film.) The horror elements are mild, for the most part, the [...]

    23. FIRST IMPRESSION:This is a book I own, seeing as I bought it from a second-hand store.WRITING STYLE:One of the most thrilling writing styles yet. Perfect for the bookOT:Diane is one of those writers who go with the least suspicious suspect -and somehow, it gets my breathing racing every she does. Amazing writing hereARACTERS:All the characters are amazing, and I love Tess. A solid, wonderful main character.OVERALL:One of the best suspense/mystery/horror/thriller books I've ever readOUNT OF STARS [...]

    24. I remembered reading this book, probably in Middle School and re-read it for my re-readers book club. The only thing I could remember about this book was something about plates in a Funhouse being removed, and someone falling through. My memory served me correct on that detail, but luckily I had forgotten most of the plot points including the twist. It is a cheesy, but fun horror book for kids and teens, and the nostalgia factor made it a delightful read.

    25. Solid entry into the Point Horror series by Diane Hoh, one of the series staple writers. It's not a particularily original book in that it's your typcial who dunnit killer plot but it's written very well with diary entries and chapters dedicated to the killers thoughts that it is slightly different usual books of this type. It's a little predictble and some of the main characters are incrdibly stupid but it's still well worth the read.

    26. Haha, this is one of the first chapter books I can remember reading - it freaked me out terribly and the story's stuck with me my whole life, like that moment in your childhood when when you catch a glimpse from a doorway/between fingers/from behind the couch of a horror movie that you weren't supposed to see, didn't mean to see, and now it's seared in your brain forever.

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