Secrets in Time

Secrets in Time Is love enough to overcome time England Dr Jessica Shepherd s peaceful summer afternoon is shattered by the abrupt arrival of a wounded soldier claiming to be from the seventeenth century If he i

  • Title: Secrets in Time
  • Author: AlisonStuart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is love enough to overcome time England 1995 Dr Jessica Shepherd s peaceful summer afternoon is shattered by the abrupt arrival of a wounded soldier claiming to be from the seventeenth century.If he is to be believed, Nathaniel Preston has crossed three hundred years bringing with him the turmoil of civil war and a request for help that Jess can t ignore.Falling in loIs love enough to overcome time England 1995 Dr Jessica Shepherd s peaceful summer afternoon is shattered by the abrupt arrival of a wounded soldier claiming to be from the seventeenth century.If he is to be believed, Nathaniel Preston has crossed three hundred years bringing with him the turmoil of civil war and a request for help that Jess can t ignore.Falling in love with this dashing cavalier is destined to end in heartbreak as Jess discovers the price of his love is the knowledge that he will die in battle in just a few short days.Can their love survive a bloody battle and overcome time

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    2 thoughts on “Secrets in Time

    1. Award winning Australian author, Alison Stuart learned her passion from history from her father She has been writing stories since her teenage years but it was not until 2007 that her first full length novel was published A past president of the Romance Writers of Australia, Alison has now published seven full length historical romances and a collection of her short stories Many of her stories have been shortlisted for international awards and BY THE SWORD won the 2008 EPIC Award for Best Historical Romance Her inclination for writing about soldier heroes may come from her varied career as a lawyer in the military and fire services These days when she is not writing she is travelling and routinely drags her long suffering husband around battlefields and castles Readers can connect with Alison at her website, Facebook, Twitter and This writer is NOT the Alison Stuart who also writes as Kate Tremayne and authored Fateful Shadows, Sin No More, Barefoot Angel, Innocence Betrayed or Loyalty Defiled.

    2. TWO DIFFERENT WORLDSOne day in June, 1995, Nathaniel Preston unceremoniously toppled over Jessica’s garden wall, ruining her beautiful flowers. She was irate that this stranger had the audacity to trespass and told him so, in no uncertain terms. But there he was and where did he come from? He came from the same little English village he was in now, but that year was 1645!Jess and Nathaniel fall in love with each other quite early in the story, so throughout the book, this keeps the reader on e [...]

    3. This book was very easy to like because I always enjoy a bit of time travel as long as it is written well. Alison Stuart writes well. The story is short, snappy and interesting, the characters are fun and I enjoyed the developing romance between the two main characters. There were quite a few errors in the text which would have been improved by better editing but since I was reading fast I barely noticed them. Altogether a nicely written piece of historical fiction with a touch of time travel an [...]

    4. Dr Jessica Shepherd was relaxing in her front garden on a welcome day off when she was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a young man who tumbled over her garden wall and into the flower bed below. His manner of dress made her think he was a friend of her brother; a historian, Alan was part of a group of military re-enactors who would recreate the Civil War with the Battle of Chesham Bridge being acted out at Heatherhill Hall which was owned by the National Trust.The man, who called himself Na [...]

    5. Oh that was a fun read - not a big fan of time travel books - but this was a lovely romance and it all fitted together really well!!

    6. Jess is relaxing in her backyard when a man, dressed in battle clothes from the distant past, jumps over her garden wall and lands in her flowers. Her brother, Alan, is part of a group who re-enact battles so his appearance doesn't shock her she assumes Nathaniel's part of Alan's group.Nathaniel thinks he is from 1645 and it turns out he is. When he left 1645, he was in the middle of a battle and is wounded. Jess is a doctor and cleans up his wound. As he is healing, they try to figure out how [...]

    7. 'Secrets in Time' engages from the very start when an injured soldier, dressed in period costume, lands in Jessica's flower bed. Surely he has concussion when he states he is from the English Civil War which occurred 350 years ago? Is he telling the truth? This story unfolds as a time travel mystery with an elegant love story woven through that will challenge the barriers of time.This is the kind of story that grabs you and takes you along for a very enjoyable ride. The words flow easily and the [...]

    8. Secrets in time is another great read by Alison.Romance, science fiction, war, action, medical, family, witches, history all these themes and more come into play, weaving a thoroughly enjoyable mixed genre read.Jessica (Jessie) is a realistic character. A paediatric doctor, she's smart, driven, and strong. She's an interesting character, one that I was drawn to, even if I didn't always agree with her decisions. Nathaniel is our male lead, the true gentleman who travelled over 300 years to meet J [...]

    9. What a lovely story who wouldn't want a dashing 17th century cavalier turning up in the garden and the reasoning behind it such a moving story thank you Alison for another fantastic read :)

    10. I recently joined Alison Stuart's mailing list and received a copy of her novella Secrets In Time with her welcome email.What a treat this story has been! I'm not normally a great fan of time travel novels, but Ms Stuart has managed the shifts between 1995 and 1645 well. In addition to being a love story, this novella also provides readers with plausible glimpses of life in 17th century England. Despite this story's short length, the characters were well rounded and it was easy to feel for both [...]

    11. Wonderful tale, very well written with interesting characters! Even though my family of reenactors are in the USA, I suspect that reenactors of any time period have the same rabid attention to minutiae. I feel that the time travel aspects were handled very well without a whole lot of fuss. The publisher's blurb gives hints and clues but can't begin to help the reader appreciate this book. You just have to read it!

    12. I enjoyed Alison Stuarts new book Secrets in Time. It was a book that I didn’t want to put down until it was finished. I enjoyed the story and the characters. It had some twist and turns that kept you wanting to know what happens next. The writing style of the book made it easy for me to read and the text flowed nicely. It is a book I would read again. I look forward to reading other stories by the author.

    13. I think this was a lovely story. To set it in an area of England where they re-enact Civil War was brilliant. I think it's the Silk Knot that does that sort of thing, but to have a Cavalier jump over the wall into a modern day garden was fantastic. I wondered about his confusion at what had happened since he did have his own agenda for coming into the future. However, there were moments when I burst out laughing (tetanus shot etc). I can and will recommend this book.

    14. What's with the cover? It doesn't match the book at all??? I would prefer a man in a civil war uniform to this nonsense.

    15. Loved this time travel book. I loved Nathaniel and I was happy to see him show up in Jessica's life. It was great how Nathaniel was able to learn more about the future and be accepting as he had a scientific mind. Great book!

    16. Love has no bounds. Nathaniel thought that he could outrun the men chasing him but he was nearly at the wall and he has no choice but to jump it. He hopes that Alice is correct about this all. Jessica is catching so much needed sun when a man comes over her wall and lands in her flowers and he is hurt and very confused. He thinks that it is 1645. Jessica thinks that he is playing the fool so she calls her brother Alan to come over and talk to Nathaniel. Alan can't believe that he is here how and [...]

    17. Rather intriguing idea of time travel where both a man from the 17th century and a 20th century woman are both able to go into the other's time. Also, there was truly a purpose for the time travel-to save a life. There was too much sex in it for my taste and things moved along pretty quickly. The characters were enjoyable though.

    18. Alas, this is not squeaky clean enough for me, so I have stopped reading it. 😶 What in the world does the cover of the book have to do with the story?

    19. Secrets In Time isn't your typical time travel story in that both protagonists get to experience each other's time period in a cleverly plotted storyline where there's a specific reason behind the travel. One man's desire to save his son has him looking to the future and willing to give up all he knows to get him the medical help he needs. Through the use of witchcraft, and a crafty old woman, Nathaniel sets forth a plan that has him landing in Doctor Jessica Shepherd's backyard. His charm and o [...]

    20. Review on 4.29.13---Secrets in Time was a quick read for me. Since it is a Time Travel Romance, expect the impossible. Personally, I thought the story was ok. I wasn’t blown away by the whole Time Travel aspect of it. Probably because I am a skeptic when in comes to time travel.The story starts with the hero Nathaniel Preston running from the enemy in 1645 and going over a wall to land in Jessica’s garden in the year 1995. The heroine ends up helping Nat and calling her brother, conveniently [...]

    21. Secrets in Time by Alison Stuart had me as soon as I read the words "Can Love Endure Across Time" on the cover. Jessica Shepherd is enjoying the sun in her garden in Chesham, England when a man comes crashing over the wall into her flowers. He is dressed oddly and is carrying a sword, but she assumes he is part of one of the local re-enactors groups in the area. He is Nathaniel Preston and he is not part of any reenactors group. Somehow he has come forward in time from the English Civil War. Jes [...]

    22. Dr. Jessica Shepherd can hardly believe her eyes when a cavalier from seventeenth century England tumbles into her garden. To make thing supremely complicated, he's war wounded - from the English Civil War in the seventeenth century. Well, musket ball wounds aren't common in the modern age. Jessica does her best, however. I mean, you can't exactly turn up at the local hospital with mortal wounds and expect to get away without a few questions.This is a charming timeslip story - an historical fant [...]

    23. I really like time travel books. I love the magic, the mystery, the ‘what if’ possibilities. The tricky part is keeping your rules straight.Alison Stuart did a good job with making this a believable tale where what happened in the past influenced the future. It makes you wonder if we are fated to our path or if we have choices.As Nathaniel and Jessica’s relationship develops the reader is given hints that he needs something from her. When the two are transported back to Nathaniel’s own t [...]

    24. This review is from: Secrets in Time (Kindle Edition) by Alison Stuart Secrets in Time was a lovely surprise. I bought it primarily because of the 17th-century historical-fiction theme, and was interested to see that most of the story takes place in the modern era. Also, my first love in books is not the romance genre--because I dislike the usual template of boy-girl attraction, misunderstanding, lust, but then pushing away again when you know they'll come back together Alison Stuart didn't do t [...]

    25. Time Travel with a purposeThis is a quick read packed with a great story line and a lot of detail!Jessica is quite upset when she finds Nat in her garden crushing her flowers. At first believing him to be one of the historical reenacters that her brother participates with as a history professor at a local college. She very soon believes he may indeed have arrived here from another time and place. I don't want to give too much away so will just say his reason for his arrival and visit back to the [...]

    26. What a wonderful, entertaining and interesting contemporary historical romance to read. This story is about Jessica a feisty pediatric doctor and Nathaniel an injured soldier, dressed in period costume (from the English Civil War in the seventeenth century) who lands in Jessica's flower bed. This book has humor, a man coming to terms, dealing with modern life, intrigue, sexual tension, war, action, time-travel and romance. The story is well-written and the characters intertwined well with each o [...]

    27. A lovely read - subtle sense of humour, an adventure story which retains a real sense of the horror of war, a time-travel story that makes the most of the shock of finding oneself in a different century, and a love story which does not turn a blind eye to the challenges of a 300-year-odd age gap! Perhaps the story was a little abbreviated, requiring that the relationship develop faster than entirely believeable, but that is a small quibble over what is truly a charming tale.

    28. I loved this book. A wonderful, time-travel romance, with action, danger, love, family, good research and fine writing, it was just so enjoyable. If you want a book to curl up with, in front of the fire, or in the hammock to just wallow in, with a gorgeous hero and a heroine you'd want to have a cup of tea with, this is that book. Do yourself a favour and get a copy for next time you need some quality time in fantasy-land.

    29. A doctor, a soldier, a lovely romance. Add the fact that the soldier is from the 17th century and you have a time travel romance. It has action, emotion, some humour, and two characters who you fall in love with and want a happily ever after for. But is this possible when they belong to two different times? Lovely writing, lovely story and great to read about a time period I don’t know much about. Disclaimer: While I personally know the author, this does not affect my star rating.

    30. This popped up as an ad on my kindle, and I liked the sample. This was a really fun, light treat! I read it over the course of a couple days, on the patio. It was so perfect for summer, and I appreciated the clever way the author resolved the problem of integrating the major into today's society. I would read more by Stuart.

    31. An Exciting Read!What a fabulous time travel romance with a lot of twists and turns! From the moment Nathan catapulted over Jessica's garden wall into the year 1995 from his year 1645, life as they knew it would never be the same! I enjoyed this story so much! I hope you do too!

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