Catharsis Ten year old Daniel has been missing for than a week His family and the police have all but lost hope of finding him alive Then a strange old man enters the precinct at the th Avenue and declares he

  • Title: Catharsis
  • Author: Noorilhuda
  • ISBN: 9781514709757
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ten year old Daniel has been missing for than a week His family and the police have all but lost hope of finding him alive Then a strange old man enters the precinct at the 99th Avenue and declares he knows where the boy is and who he s with The lead detective on the case Aurora Fox is skeptical Is the hemophiliac puppet master, Maxwell Caine, part of the puzzlTen year old Daniel has been missing for than a week His family and the police have all but lost hope of finding him alive Then a strange old man enters the precinct at the 99th Avenue and declares he knows where the boy is and who he s with The lead detective on the case Aurora Fox is skeptical Is the hemophiliac puppet master, Maxwell Caine, part of the puzzle or the solution and why does he look so dolled up Dark tale of a tough as nails detective, a curious old man and a persistent district attorney all trying to catch a pedophile scratch that a serial killer Fear is relative What would you do to be free

    Catharsis Definition of Catharsis by Merriam Websterhttps merriam webster dictionary catharsis Catharsis definition is purification or purgation of the emotions such as pity and fear primarily through art How to use catharsis in a sentence Word History of catharsis and cathartic Catharsis Definition of Catharsis at Dictionaryhttps dictionary browse catharsis Catharsis definition, the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or

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    1. Non Fiction scribd noorilhudanewslinemagazine contributLinks to other investigative pieces cover stories written for newspapers magazines scribd document 23702 e.g pique bloodied faith Fiction The Governess 2014 The novel has done well in UK where it is regularly picked up as an ebook dp B00MF8BJQE Catharsis 2015 gp product B01

    2. I rather enjoyed this dark read. I don´t usually go for psychological thrillers but this one grabbed my attention as the detective involved in solving the case has severe emotional and mental issues. This book is not your average run-of –the –mill thriller. The plot is so convoluted that at times it is a little difficult to follow but the characters are extremely well-drawn. This book is well worth a read, a real page-turner.

    3. "Catharsis" dives into the story with an introduction between Aurora Fox, the lead detective in a missing person's case, and Maxwell, an oddly pallid old puppet maker. As the author weaves the tale together, the plot fulfills the conventions of the thriller genre with shoot-outs, a race against time to find the missing boy, and psychological teasers as red herrings lead one to wonder who the killer is. Along with a momentum-laced plot, the characters stand out and came alive on the page, althoug [...]

    4. Catharsis.What a fresh novel this was. It took me a little while to get in the swing of the author's style of writing, but from then I was off! She (the author) is clearly not one to shy away from the more challenging pieces of writing, be it the shudder inducing description of the situation in which the main character discovers the victim of a long lists of traumas, to the insights we are given into the damaged mind of the MC herself (she isn't alone in this, EVERYONE in Catharsis World has at [...]

    5. In Catharsis (buyer beware: there are several books with the same title that have been published), written by Noorilhuda and published in July 2015, ten-year-old Danny goes missing for fifteen days when an old man “dressed as if he was going to the opera” walks into a police station and says he knows where the boy is, and knows who has kidnapped the boy. Self-assured, straight-talking “Angry Bird” Detective Aurora Fox has presumed the boy is dead, not alive, and has been investigating la [...]

    6. A difficult review for me to write as, unfortunately a copy riddled with numerous errors, my enjoyment could not be other than marred. However, having emailed the author with my concerns and been reassured that these were in the process of being dealt with, I have agreed to proceed with my reflections on Catharsis. So, errors aside .A promising plot and characters. A police procedural of sorts. A damaged cop with an elderly haemophiliac as her (sort of) side-kick, both with secrets, neither of w [...]

    7. A light short read. I do like reading novels that champion 'triumph over evil'. As a writer, I've shied away from suggesting, with absolute certainty, where the evil is coming from. Noorilhuda has no such reservations. That is my only criticism. The writing itself is great in most places and flows easily (few typos where is that perfect editor??? :-) ). The characters while not being people you can easily identify with are still with you while you read, having been crafted seemingly out of somet [...]

    8. Based solely on the synopsis above, I thought that I would be a huge fan of this book. I love thrillers, especially those that involve missing children. Unfortunately, this one was a huge disappointment.By the end of the first chapter, I was totally confused, and I never got my confusion cleared up in the rest of the book. I couldn't make sense of much of what was happening, and the characters seemed more than just a little unrealistic.The main character, Aurora, was a huge disappointment. A pol [...]

    9. The story is about a missing boy Daniel Logan who belongs to a dysfunctional family (Josh and Helena Logan). A hemophiliac puppeteer Maxwell Caine accompanied by a female detective Aurora Fox are looking for him - a promising set of characters and promise of an interesting story-line. The writing style is quirky with quick hard hitting dialogues. The character sketches of modern day couple (Josh and Helena) is well done ─ their bitter altercations quite real. Their motivations for what they do [...]

    10. This is a tough book to rate. The book was a series of negatives and positives. When balanced out, the book is a decent read but there are problems with the book. The subject matter is hard. .a kidnapped boy was held and sexually assaulted, which the author doesn't shy away from, but neither is it dwelled upon. Like much in the book, it is stated plainly and not sugar coated. A huge issue with me was the cop, Aurora. I get that she is a flawed character, with her own demons, but it was so overdo [...]

    11. Like some people who reviewed this book, I have mixed feelings about this book. While I really enjoyed the overall plot of the story, I can admit that it felt a bit unrealistic and was sometimes confusing to read. Also, a lot of the scenes in the book was predictable and I often knew what was going to happen next, which can be a bit disappointing.However, I did like the book and did enjoy reading the overall book. It was a fast-paced and interesting book to read.I was offered this book in exchan [...]

    12. This review was originally posted to Jen in BooklandI really wanted to like Catharsis. I really did. I love thrillers, but this book just wasn't that good. It was really confusing, it didn't make a lot of sense, the characters were not realistic. wasn't a great read.One of the biggest issues I had with the story is the characters didn't make sense. They did not seem like real people. For example the main character, the cop Aurora, was WAY too abusive, abusive, and angry to be believable. In one [...]

    13. Oh dear… starting to read Noorilhuda’s novel, Catharsis, I was immediately distracted by numerous editing errors. Punctuation, grammar, (missing articles, agreement: ‘there was a jackass on loose’ ‘kids of crazy violent parent’), these were constant niggling annoyances, but a much bigger problem arose from strangely-worded phrases and sentences which seemed to almost hit the mark but not quite, necessitating some thought as to what the author actually meant e.g. ‘He glanced at her [...]

    14. CluelessCatharsis could have been gold. It has the characters, the theme, and the madness. And nothing underscores that point better than the action-packed opening. Female detective Aurora Cox steps onto the scene, larger than life. She is bitter, unorthodox, and seemingly above the law, except that she can’t possibly exist—certainly not with her deportment and language—either in fiction or in real life. But here, a ten-year-old boy, Daniel Logan, is kidnapped and Aurora has the case, so, [...]

    15. An extremely angry detective, a hemophiliac puppet master, a determined District Attorney, and a few other secondary characters make up the cast of Catharsis. The characters are interesting and not always who you think they are. Detective Fox is overwhelmingly angry at times for reasons that eventually become clear.The book starts off at a breakneck pace which makes it a bit hard to keep up. As a reader a little introduction to the story and characters would have been helpful. It took me the bet [...]

    16. I find it difficult to give this book a fair rating. There are passages that are extremely good and merit a good three stars and other, long tracts that greatly distract from the pace of the story and spoil the atmosphere and mood the author has created. Aurora is a damaged and angry cop hunting for a skilled paedophile. A strange old man who claims to be a psychic turns up at the precinct to assist Aurora and she is ordered to work with the psychic to recover a missing boy. Aurora was too viole [...]

    17. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.Unfortunately, I have to give this work a 1 star. The main character, Aurora Fox, (it took me fifty pages to figure out her name) is a psycho and a cop. While borderline psychopaths being cops is a well used concept in fiction, Aurora is too much of a psycho to be a cop. Her character would have worked better if she wasn't the lead detective on the case. Like how Dexter could get away with being at the scene of his own murders, because he w [...]

    18. I almost hate to admit it, but I read this entire book. Not because it was a great read, but because I was infatuated with one of the main characters. And it has great bones.Basically this book is about a Daniel, a ten-year-old boy who is kidnapped. He’s quickly found by police with minimal effort. The story starts off at a frantic pace. That’s Fiction Writing 101: Drop your readers in the middle of the action. But this time it didn’t pay off. Police officer Aurora Fox is brutal. Immediate [...]

    19. A pacy crime novel, Catharsis is likely to stay in the mind long after you've finished – for a variety of reasons. There's a bit to like in this truly unorthodox tale but unfortunately, a bit to dislike as well. For the most part, it's easy to read with plenty of dialogue and snappy descriptions, although there are also inexplicably slow sections that act as a handbrake on the enjoyment. It starts off promisingly enough with the appearance of a couple of truly original characters that certainl [...]

    20. This novel centres on a police detective, Aurora Fox and her determined efforts in solving the mystery of the abduction of ten-year-old, Daniel Logan. Enters Maxwell Caine, an elderly stranger, who appears to know more about the case than expected. With Caine’s help, Aurora finds Daniel still alive but heavily traumatised by constant physical and sexual abuse. Aurora’s priority, now, is to uncover the mastermind of the operation.Noorilhuda’s story line, I found not too bad. At times, I eve [...]

    21. I confess I didn't enjoy reading this story. Unfortunately, that had little to do with the nature of the subject. The initial grammar and syntax problems were difficult to overlook, and page-long blocks of text were daunting. I think I did well trying to get to the heart of the story, however, I don't think the story has much heart. The novel is full of various abuses, both old and new, and characters trying to sort their way through a dozen traumatic reference points. It was dramatic but impers [...]

    22. A bizarre—and quite unbelievable--female detective and a son of a puppet maker headline this head-scratching novel. My confusion as to the unfolding events was compounded by the weird moral stances of the characters. Talk about hang-ups! These characters seem to have been drawn to own quirks atop quirks, a kind of one-up-man ship. Is this book a sign of the final demise of naturalism? I hope so.The Spencerian type font is illegible on my Kindle, a terrible choice with which to communicate. The [...]

    23. I received this book for free via First Reads.I don't give books 1 star reviews lightly. They have to be seriously flawed or near unreadable for me to do so. This book get a 1 star review as it is both extra confusing and it has more than a few flaws.I will start with the main character. She is impossible to like and even sympathise with when you find out her past. The supporting characters are mostly forgettable too. The plot is confusing and at times I was not sure which decade I was in and w [...]

    24. Catharsis is a crime novel which centers on the kidnapping and abuse of a young boy. The main characters seem to go from strength to weakness and back again resulting in an often confusing story line. This is made even more confusing by a lack of character description and depth. I found myself having to backtrack repeatedly trying to work out who was who.What the characters lack in depth and character, the story makes up for in twists. The story line itself was often unbelievable. It is difficul [...]

    25. 3.5 stars.Despite my low rating I think this book is well worth a read for the unique approach to the subject and the choosing of such an ambitious project with so many damaged characters. All the major characters are seriously flawed and many are working hard to hide their true identity. Some have created a facade to do more evil while others are trying to atone for their past failures and actions. Some are brash, some are smarmy and some are simply confused. Despite his faults I really liked t [...]

    26. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.I like the the storyline. A day after day story about the search for a missing boy. And I like the "Catharsis" of Aurora Fox the police detective.But this book has a lot of problems. The theme is not the missing and rescuing of a ten year old boy. And not about a pedofile network that is abusing minors.I think the story is telling about the purification of Aurora the protagonist. If not I do not understand the title 'Catharsis'. My first pr [...]

    27. I hate giving a bad review :( It is just not in my nature but I really struggled reading this book. There is a lot of dialog which I love but it was hard to tell who was talking and follow the story as there were little descriptors as to who it was actually doing the talking. I also could not stand the main female character (double sad face) she was very unlikable. Now I am not saying that a character can't be tough and no nonsense but they have to have redeemable characteristics or things that [...]

    28. The best one word description of this book is "raw." The characters are described and portrayed with all their exaggerated flaws and they are a little unusual, if not a lot unusual. Don't know what I expected from the title but it does not follow the psychological term I was taught in college. The book has some twists and turns to keep you interested. All in all I'm glad to have read it, but it is an unusual book to say the least.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" " [...]

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