Flexible Wings

Flexible Wings Summer Stevenson is an eleven year old military kid who dreams of having a permanent home and swimming in the Olympics one day just like her idol Olympian Lia Neal But those things seem out of reach

  • Title: Flexible Wings
  • Author: Veda Stamps
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Summer Stevenson is an eleven year old military kid who dreams of having a permanent home and swimming in the Olympics one day, just like her idol Olympian Lia Neal But those things seem out of reach as her parents the heroes continually move the family from house to house like boxed up toys After their last move, she thought her life would never change, but now the moSummer Stevenson is an eleven year old military kid who dreams of having a permanent home and swimming in the Olympics one day, just like her idol Olympian Lia Neal But those things seem out of reach as her parents the heroes continually move the family from house to house like boxed up toys After their last move, she thought her life would never change, but now the moving truck is idling in front of her house again, this time taking the family to Valencia, a small town in southern California known for its bike trails, roller coasters and great schools But things aren t so great for Summer She worries constantly that her fighter pilot mom could be redeployed at any moment, and she struggles to make new friends, finding herself in humiliating circumstances with her neighbors Summer sees a glimmer of hope when her parents sign her up for competitive swimming, but she turns out to be the worst swimmer on the team Inspired by nature and drawing support from friendships both old and new, including those with Grandma Bachaan, her coaches, and other kids on the swim team, Summer seeks the courage she ll need to tackle life s challenges It isn t until her little sister is in an accident that Summer truly finds the source of her inner strength and uses it to face her greatest fears head on.

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    1. As a child growing up in New Orleans, Veda Stamps developed her lifelong love for storytelling while exchanging pen pal letters with her cousin in California.Flexible Wings is her first full length novel, and is inspired by her community s spirit of volunteerism and the kindness of the parents on her daughter s neighborhood swim team.She currently lives with her husband, two daughters, and three dogs in southern California, where she co owns a community planning firm.

    2. I really enjoyed this book. I listened to the audiobook version of it and loved every minute of it. There are some books that draw the reader in right away and this was one of them. The author choose a really good narrator. She has the perfect voice for Summer, very engaging and kept me wanting to listen to more. Natalie doesn't sound like she is reading the book. I flew through this novel. Perfect for a middle grade kid or really anyone else.It is a middle grade novel about a girl who has two p [...]

    3. I love coming-of-age stories, and Flexible Wings is one of the most delightful stories I've ever read. Touching on a subject that is rarely explored, that being the travails of being a child of two military parents, this story centers on Summer Stevenson, an 11-year-old girl who has to deal with not only a recently-discharged Japanese father suffering from PTSD but an African-American mother who is set to deploy once again mere weeks after they've moved to a new house in Valencia, California.Add [...]

    4. Delightful readFull review can be found in my blog: wp/p7a9pe-5VWhat a lovely little book! I hope Marley Dias, who launched her #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign recently, got a hold of "Flexible Wings." She would love it.

    5. 4.25 ★ Audiobook⎮ I was initially hesitant to accept this audiobook for review because I have not had good experiences with the middle-grade genre in the past. As a 28-year-old, I think that's fairly understandable. However, I agreed to the review for three reasons: 1) The length- 4.5 hours is not a huge sacrifice of my time, even if I turned out not to enjoy the book. 2) The narrator- A big problem I have had with middle-grade audiobooks in the past has been the narrator overly playing the [...]

    6. Summer Stevenson is used to change. As the daughter of two military parents, she’s moved around more than any other kids she knows. She’s used to never being in one place long enough to make friends - but that doesn’t mean she likes it. When the moving truck arrives to haul the family to Valencia, Summer is understandably apprehensive. The new move has a bittersweet twist to it. While it means leaving behind the short term friendships she has managed to foster, it also promises an opportun [...]

    7. Check out: 5girlsbookreviewsREVIEW BY: Angel, age 12 years, 9 monthsMAY CONTAIN SPOILER:Summer Stevenson has been moving all her life because her mother and father keep getting missions for their military careers. When Summer leaves the town that she has been living in for 2 years she gets pretty upset. Summer has a hard time adjusting after her mother gets deployed and starts her dream of being on a swim team. I really enjoyed this book. It reminds me to be grateful for what I have. It is a ver [...]

    8. Great gift for my grand children. Transitioning is hard friends make it easier. Thanks for a great story!

    9. 'Flexible Wings' by Veda Stamps is an intimate telling of a young girl's love for her family and passion for swimming. Summer is the daughter of two military parents, and even though everyone around her sees them as heroes, Summer cannot seem to come to terms with this fact. To her, they are just her parents - people who are tearing her away from the first home she has lived in over several years that she has not wanted to leave. Leaving her best friend Esmerelda and the people and places she kn [...]

    10. Flexible Wings is a wonderfully written story about a military family, swimming, and friendship, to name a few of the themes. I wasn't sure how I was going to like this book as it didn't immediately jump out at me when I read the excerpt of it. I was pleasantly surprised however and ended up enjoying it very much. The character development is done very well. Sometimes with short books it's hard to get enough info on the characters or you get too much info on them and the plot doesn't get as much [...]

    11. Veda Stamps' debut novel,“Flexible Wings,” is the story of eleven year old Summer Stevenson who's dealing with life as a "military brat." Summer and her younger sister Emiko have constantly been uprooted and relocated as their Navy parents moved from one duty station to another. Along the way they’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments.It has been difficult for the sisters, having to make new friends and go to new schools. They’ve also had to cope with frequent, long separations when th [...]

    12. I don't think I've ever read a book quite like this. We all know the sacrifices the families of military personnel make but I don't think we ever really know what that means. Summer is in the sixth grade and I think we all remember how hard that age is when you have a normal life. It's full of changes, but even more so when both your parents are in the military and you've spent you childhood moving from place to place. She's had to make new friends countless times. But that isn't the hardest par [...]

    13. Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers' FavoriteFlexible Wings is a story for preteens by Veda Stamps. Eleven-year-old Summer and her family move to Valencia, California, but she wishes she could have a stable lifestyle with lasting friendships. She is tired of moving to new places whenever her parents who are in the navy receives transfers. Summer joins the neighbourhood’s swim team where she makes friends with Madison and Zoe, but sadly realizes that she is the team’s worst swimmer. Her [...]

    14. 'Flexible Wings' is an interesting tale of a family, where both parents were in the military. This caused the family to move around a lot. Summer is the oldest daughter, and the story mostly follows her point of view. The story begins as the family moves again, and Summer has to leave behind her best friend Esperanza. Summer is also upset that they have to leave their beautiful back yard and their playhouse, the casita. She tries to seem tough but you can tell she is really bothered by the const [...]

    15. This is a beautiful middle grade novel that exudes warmth and empathy. It taps into the emotional life of an eleven-year-old girl, Summer Stevenson, who isn’t impressed that her military parents are being deployed to Valencia, California. She’s shy and finds it difficult to make friends and begin again. Summer’s dad has done four tours of Afghanistan and is suffering PTSD while her mother works in recruitment but is about to undertake another active deployment.Summer is of mixed African-Am [...]

    16. I'm exhausted from finishing this last night at midnight and so the review will be a bit of a mishmash. First of all, the cover is stunning. I loved that the main character imbedded some nice lessons in being sensitive about issues of race. She talked about hating when people touched her braids and the author used her character's own mistakes of racial curiosity to show empathy for why people asked her certain questions that she found annoying. I thought this was a compassionate and kind-hearted [...]

    17. Summer Stevenson faces a lot of difficulties being the daughter of military parents. Her parents, “the heroes”, require to move to new places frequently and Summer has an awful time adjusting to the surroundings. When the family shifts to Valencia and her parents signs her up for swimming, Summer is finally happy as she dreams of swimming in the Olympics when she grows up. However, things don’t turn out to be that great and she realizes she isn’t such a perfect swimmer. As she meets new [...]

    18. Summer Stevenson's life is not an easy one. At age eleven she has seen both her parents deployed for military service more times than she'd care to count. Having moved to a new home, Summer must learn to deal with her mother's deployment and the complications of childhood, all the while competing on the local swim team.Flexible Wings is a remarkable and insightful story. It covers subjects such as race and Japanese-American history, but never neglects the childhood difficulties of making friends [...]

    19. Flexible Wings is a heartwarming and endearing story. Eleven-year-old Summer Stevenson is the daughter of military parents and is once again being forced to move and leave everything she knows and loves behind. Summer struggles to reconcile how the outside world views her parents as heroes when all she sees are a mom and dad that keeps breaking promises. She knows it’s not their fault they have to move but just once she wishes they could stay. As the story unfolds Summer learns to find strengt [...]

    20. Flexible Wings in a perfect title because the main character, Summer, soars as she grows up in the midst of constant change.It's interesting to see a kids point of view within' a military family. And as hard as Summer tries to be tough, indifferent, and independent, it's really touching to see how much she loves her mom. The author portrays all of the main character's feelings in a fresh, imaginative way. The overall arc [of Summer growing up] is seamless and beautifully conveyed. Family is so i [...]

    21. Flexible Wings by Veda Stamps, explores the challenges and opportunities that life can present as viewed through the eyes of eleven year old Summer Stevenson. As the child of military parents, she has experienced many relocations and the story begins with yet another move to a new city. From Summer’s perspective, the story explores some of the challenges such a move can present, as well as the family dynamics between Summer, her little sister, parents and her grandmother. Flexible Wings also t [...]

    22. This review is being posted on behalf of a kids book club (ages 10-11)titled, Valencia Bookworms.Girl 1: Military parents and parents of moving families should buy this book for their kids. Because this book is very inspirational and really captures the ways the main character overcomes her challenges.Girl 2: Flexible Wings is a great book. I could relate to the book in some parts. I recommend this book to families moving to a new area or have family in the military.Girl 3: I think Flexible Wing [...]

    23. FLEXIBLE WINGS is told from the alternately hopeful and angst-ridden point of view of Summer, a biracial pre-teen who struggles with her transient "military brat" lifestyle. After moving from Berkeley to Valencia, California, Summer joins the local swim team in search of personal fulfillment and a sense of belonging. Just as she begins to settle into her new reality, Summer faces challenges that test her ability to handle adversity with grace and maturity.Stamp delivers a beautifully truthful an [...]

    24. Summer is a 11 year old who because her parents are serving in the military keeps moving. Her latest move brings her to a new town and brings her new hope. Her father is no longer serving and her mother only has 6 months left in service. Summer finds it hard to make new friends but is excited to learn her parents sign her up to a swim team, but as it turns out shes not a good swimmer.I had moments of crying, even in public (thanks for that) and laughing. I really enjoyed the writing style and th [...]

    25. Veda Stamps has such an effortless writing style, it was a pure pleasure to read this book! She draws wonderful characters that are both intriguing and realistic. I loved the evolution of the main character, Summer, throughout the story. The story itself is a sweet, coming-of-age tale. It's perfectly age appropriate for middle school students. I think they'll enjoy it and learn a few things along the way. I recommend it.

    26. A simply-written book about a young girl and her family. Her parents have been deployed many times to the Middle East and the family has moved all over the world. She is at the age where these moves are beginning to disrupt her friendships and schooling. She joins a swimming team which does help her meet girls her own age. Lack depth, but the story does tell about how it is to have parents in the military.

    27. "Flexible Wings” is a heartwarming look at the lives of kids with parents in the military. The author does an excellent job of depicting eleven-year-old Summer’s frustration of once again having to move, having to make all new friends, trying to fit in—and deal with a parent’s deployment. The story is very well written, and an enjoyable read. It is a great book for kids, as well as adults, that struggle with finding their own inner strength. I highly recommend this book.

    28. Wonderful story about a young girl struggling to fit in after her military parents move from place to place. Will resonate with many young adults who feel out of place or unwelcome.

    29. There were two things that piqued me about Flexible Wings by Veda Stamps. The first was the picture of the hummingbird on the cover. The second was the multi-racial background of the central character which seemed to promise a rich psychological experience, over and above what most children's books offer. It was gratifying to find that Summer, the protagonist, was just as fascinated by hummingbirds as me, and as wonderfully a complex character as I expected.Not that this complexity will deter yo [...]

    30. Flexible . . . Fearless . . . Focused.Young Summer Stevenson learns the value of these words as she struggles to cope with the latest move imposed upon her by parents with careers in the military. This time the destination is Valencia, California, but little does Summer know her experience in Valencia will be completely different.The rest of the Stevenson family, Mom, Dad, Summer’s little sister Emiko and Summer’s Grandmother Baachan, all seem to take change in stride, but Summer is yearning [...]

    31. I RECIEVED THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR, Veda Stamps, IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MY VIEWS OR OPINIONS IN ANY WAY.This is an amazing middle grade novel.Summery from : Summer Stevenson is an eleven-year-old military kid who dreams of having a permanent home and swimming in the Olympics one day, just like her idol Olympian Lia Neal. But those things seem out of reach as her parents “the heroes” continually move the family from house to house like boxed-up toys. After th [...]

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