Gifted In a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular However her brother Vendd isn t so lucky Since his Power started manif

  • Title: Gifted
  • Author: H.S. Stone
  • ISBN: 9781310706691
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • In a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death, Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular However, her brother, Vendd, isn t so lucky Since his Power started manifesting itself, the siblings have lived a life on the run, barely escaping the king s soldiers.Just as Voima and Vendd have settled into a new home, a fleeing Gifted enters tIn a kingdom where the Gifteds are captured and thrown into fights to the death, Voima is fortunate that she is just a Regular However, her brother, Vendd, isn t so lucky Since his Power started manifesting itself, the siblings have lived a life on the run, barely escaping the king s soldiers.Just as Voima and Vendd have settled into a new home, a fleeing Gifted enters their lives, begging for help but bringing soldiers after him Despite the siblings efforts, the soldiers discover Vendd s Power Now Voima, an outmatched Regular girl, must find a way to defeat the kingdom s most dangerous Gifteds in order to save her brother from certain death.

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    1. Even before he could read, H.S Stone wanted to write a book Fascinated by the stories that seemed to leap from his kindergarten teacher s books, he went home and wrote his own book, with illustrations and bound by staples Of course, since he didn t know how to read or write yet, the book was full of gibberish.Undaunted, H.S eventually mastered the ABC s and continued to write throughout his grade school years, adolescence, and into adulthood Despite earning a degree and working in a field not related to writing, he continued to pursue his writing passion.H.S Stone s publications include novels aimed at Young Adult and Middle Grade readers as well as several short stories He currently lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    2. I was given a free electronic copy of this book by the author, in accordance with the terms of For Love of a Book's Advance Reader Opportunity Program.I'm slightly torn on how I feel about this book, hence the very middle-of-the-road rating. I liked the premise, I liked the main characters, and I liked the powers on display. I don't take back the fact that I recommended it to a couple of people as I was reading. But at the same time there were problems that did knock it down from top ratings qui [...]

    3. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. What a pleasant surprise! Not sure what I was expecting when I went to read this one, but I was not disappointed! If you enjoyed the book Graceling, you will love this one! Our main character is Voima. Her and her twin brother, Vendd, have been on the run almost their entire life. Vendd is what one calls "gifted." The gifted are people who possess powers or superhuman abilities. Ex: heal quickly, turn metal into g [...]

    4. What a thoroughly enjoyable read! Set in a land where people fall into two categories, Regulars and Gifteds, the Gifteds find themselves at the mercy of their twisted King. Although a Gifted himself, King Yolus has decreed that all Gifteds are to be imprisoned and forced to fight to the death in gladiator-like combat. Caught in this web are a brother and sister, twins, one of whom is Gifted and one of whom is not. Despite all their efforts to hide, they find themselves embroiled in events pittin [...]

    5. Originally posted on my blog: adayinbooklandWhen H. S. Stone contacted me to see if I was interested in reading his book I read the premise and thought “this is fantasy mixed with some Roman culture" (with the whole fights to the death thing that very much reminded me of gladiators) and so I accepted to review the book. And I have to thank Stone for letting me read it because I had a blast. It was a fun, fast-paced read and I really enjoyed it.So, Gifted, follows Voima and Vendd, two siblings [...]

    6. “Summoning strength from the edges of her mind, she built a layer of safety that grew in size, enclosing all of them”This book held you on the edge of your seat. It was very descriptive and had a set of characters that you grow to love. In this world, there are two types of people. Gifted and Regulars. Gifted are just that, gifted with special abilities and powers that normal people don't have. However, being gifted is a curse more than a blessing. Their king, hates Gifteds and captures them [...]

    7. I was given a copy of this book for review by the author. This in no way influenced my review/rating. 4 stars.The Gifted are being hunted but soldiers loyal to the King, and made to duel to the death in the Arena. Voima and Vendd and twin siblings, Voima a Regular and Vendd a Gifted. When Vendd gets caught, Voima will do anything to save her brother.The Gifted was a good, quick-ish read. The beginning stumbled a bit (I had a hard time getting into the story), but then things smoothed out and I h [...]

    8. This is by far on of the best books I have ever read. It is packed with action and adventure and really makes you feel like you are actually in the world with them. I loved it!

    9. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.Vendd and Voima are fraternal twins living in Soltusland, where to be Gifted earns you a death sentence fighting in the arena. The King and Princess, another brother/sister team who stole the throne from the previous rulers, are powerfully Gifted themselves, and they use these powers to force the other Gifteds to fight to the death. Vendd, who is Gifted, has been on the run with with Regular sister Voima since their Gifted parents died in the a [...]

    10. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review.This book was an easy read. It started off kind of slow but was interesting right from the start. I chose to begin reviewing books since I have come across numerous books that have been labeled "Christian" and were clearly not. This book, with its "powers" clearly is not a Christian book but is not a book that Christians necessarily need to be wary of. This is a very clean book, which is what most parents look for when reviewing a book for [...]

    11. I received this book in exchange for an honest review In a time where Gifteds are hunted and forced to fight to their deaths; Vioma will do anything to keep her twin brother, Vendd's Power a secret. But when another Gifted runs into them, bringing soldiers with him Vioma realises she will do anything to protect her brother and fellow Gifteds. (Sorry again for the awful summary, this is why I don't write blurbs :D)I really liked the concept of this story, some parts of it felt a bit rushed but it [...]

    12. *Please note that I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.*Gifted is the story of twins Voima and Vendd. They have lived in fear for years, hiding out and concealing Vendd’s special abilities. They live in a kingdom that is ruled by a horrible king that captures and imprisons people that are gifted. One fateful day Vendd is captured and taken to the king’s palace, where he will be kept in order to participate in the Gifted Duels. These duels are fights to the death bet [...]

    13. ***I RECEIVED A COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM THE AUTHOR IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW***What a great story. It didn't take long to understand that it was a story of triumph over tyranny. I am hoping for a sequel to learn more about the gifted and the world that Author, H.S. Stone has created for his readers. His writing is wonderful and fun to read. This is the first book I have read by Mr. Stone. I will definitely be reading more of his books.The characters continue to develop throughout the book [...]

    14. I received an e-book version of this story in exchange for an honest review.This was just a good, fun story! Voima and her twin brother Vendd live in the Soltulands, where some among them (Vendd included) have special abilities that set them apart from the others. Unfortunately, the king and his sister (who also happen to have powers) have essentially made it illegal for "Gifteds" to exist. They are captured when discovered and forced to fight in duels to the death for the entertainment of the k [...]

    15. From the opening scene, I loved the unique powers which branded many of Gifted’s characters as outcasts in their society (a kingdom where being Gifted is more curse than blessing). Young Voima boldly stands up against her brother Vendd’s persecutors, in a suspenseful fight to save not only her twin, but all victims of royal oppression. The story balances action-packed fantasy with very human struggles and emotions driving its characters. Voima was my favorite, sometimes impulsive in her brav [...]

    16. This story has made me curious about what else this author can give us in this book. I want to know what all “Gifts” the characters have in the book. I wonder how many “gifts” the author can think of and I want to read this book more to find out. I can’t wait to see what else happens in this book. The author has added many great “gifts” in this book for the characters to have. I enjoyed this book very much. I think you should read it as well and read about all the different Gifts t [...]

    17. A life on the run for being different is not life at all, but a better life than it ending when your put into a fight you don't want to be in. Can a normal girl from a extraordinary family end the tragedy that began eight years ago? Can she save the live of the one she loves and the others she cares about in time? You'll find out in this beautiful book of adventure with struggles a plenty. Really enjoyed this book.

    18. I was given a free copy for an Honest review. I loved the this book but I found the beginning kind of slow but the more I read the more that I liked about this book. It was a shorter read, but it was still well written.

    19. Quick, easy read. Probably best for younger readers. I found the writing, especially the dialogue, dull.See more on RaeleighReads: raeleighreads.wordpress/2

    20. Engaging believable characters to identify with, in an imaginary world where good vs. evil. People pitted against one another in a fight to the death. A story of friendship and betrayal. Loved it. 5 stars.

    21. E-Book won in Spring Fling Reads Giveaway.This was a pretty simple, easy to follow book. It's basically ancient Greece but with people who are Gifted, they have special Powers. Fight to the death in arenas to amuse the populace. It was pretty short. The writing was mediocre. Nothing very original. It was alright.

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