We Will All Go Down Together

We Will All Go Down Together Every family has its monstersd some are nothing but In the woods outside Overdeere Ontario there are trees that speak a village that doesn t appear on any map and a hill that opens wide entrappin

  • Title: We Will All Go Down Together
  • Author: Gemma Files
  • ISBN: 9781771482028
  • Page: 253
  • Format: ebook
  • Every family has its monstersd some are nothing but In the woods outside Overdeere, Ontario, there are trees that speak, a village that doesn t appear on any map, and a hill that opens wide, entrapping unwary travellers Music drifts up from deep underground, while dreams and nightmares take on solid shape, flitting through the darkness It s a place most peopleEvery family has its monstersd some are nothing but In the woods outside Overdeere, Ontario, there are trees that speak, a village that doesn t appear on any map, and a hill that opens wide, entrapping unwary travellers Music drifts up from deep underground, while dreams and nightmares take on solid shape, flitting through the darkness It s a place most people usually know better than to go, at least locally until tonight, when five bloodlines mired in ancient strife will finally converge once Devize, Glouwer, Rusk, Druir, Roke these are the clans who make up the notorious Five Family Coven Four hundred years ago, this alliance of witches, changelings, and sorcerers sought to ruin and recreate the Earth in their own image, thwarted only by treachery that sent half of them to be burned alive Driven apart by rage and hatred, their descendants have continued to feud, intermarry, and breed with each other throughout the centuries, their mutual dislike becoming ever destructively intimate But now, from downtown Toronto to the wilds beyond, where reality s walls grow thin, dark forces are drawing the Coven s last heirs to a final confrontation Psychics, ex possessees, defrocked changeling priests, shamans for hire, body stealing witches, and monster slaying nuns the bastard children of a thousand evil angels all are haunted by a ghost beyond any one person s power to exorcize unless they agree to stand together once at least long enough to wreak vengeance upon themselves

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    2 thoughts on “We Will All Go Down Together

    1. Previously best known as a film critic for Toronto s eye Weekly, teacher and screenwriter, Gemma Files first broke onto the international horror scene when her story The Emperor s Old Bones won the 1999 International Horror Guild award for Best Short Fiction She is the author of two collections of short work Kissing Carrion and The Worm in Every Heart and two chapbooks of poetry Bent Under Night and Dust Radio Her Hexslinger Series trilogy is now complete A Book of Tongues, A Rope of Thorns and A Tree of Bones, all available from ChiZine Publications.

    2. Complimentary copy generously provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I requested this book off of NetGalley a long time ago and kept putting it offd now I'm actually kicking myself for doing so.Why oh why did I find excuse after excuse to not read this started out with me being only a "cover whore" and requesting for that alone with the genre.Then I saw some pretty decent reviews start popping up but I still kept it tucked away on my kindle.Well, I finally gave in a [...]

    3. 4.5 stars, rounded up just for the writing.Human nature at its darkest and ugliest, forces and myths beyond human comprehension, witches, fae folk, a feud across generations with the strangest cast (including a washed-out former child medium, defrocked priest turned magic objects store owner, monster slaying warrior nun, ghostbuster, excorsee/formerly possessed, shaman, psychic with a twist on being afraid of his own shadow, bodysnatching ghost, a couple of regular people) mostly set in Toronto [...]

    4. This book was kind of uneven, and I almost abandoned it halfway through. For one, it's a book-length collection of short stories, not what I'd call a novel as I'd originally assumed. (Don't know if there's a formal definition for such things in literature.) Characters are introduced and reappear. There's a background story and resolution, but the weaker stories interrupted the momentum and didn't contribute much to the overall arc. It didn't help that I read this on my Kindle—with a very few e [...]

    5. I really want to give this 5 stars but a couple sections/stories took away from my overall enjoyment of the book, but I also LOVED the sections I loved so?I would describe this as.?literary? urban fantasy? One of a pair of twins slowly turns into a Cthulhian monster. Mediums channel ghosts through their skin. Young women are possessed by Nephalem. MONSTER-HUNTING NUNS. Witches are burned! Changelings! Fae! It's pretty neat and I absolutely love Files' writing style, her formatting, her use of fa [...]

    6. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)A mosaic novel whose characters are gifted and semi-monstrous people linked by shared blood and a violent common history, a Five-Family Coven whose 500-year-long vendetta with each other is finally coming to a head. It's Alice Munro meets Clive Barker, with a cast that includes body-stealing witches, time-travelling changelings, monster-killing nuns and evil angels.What an amazing book. It is a novel told in l [...]

    7. So I did not finish this book. And not because I didn't enjoy the 200 pages I read, but because my reading license expired before I could get to the end. I'm an awfully slow reader when it comes to reading on the computer (average of 150 pages per month), and sadly that was my only option here. Having said that, I am very likely to get a copy of this book in the future, but I don't know when that will be. And so, I thought of sharing with you my thoughts on the first half of the book.We Will All [...]

    8. Not my favorite of Files' books--they can't ALL be--but an intriguing mix of psychics, witches, fae, clerics, and angels/demons. These intersecting stories show Files' ability (compulsion?) to worldbuild on an epic scale. A scene may be claustrophobically intimate (say, a medium shedding ectoplasm in a decontamination chamber; or a witch locked in a room with his severed shadow) while still evoking centuries of family history over two continents. Impressive, and as comforting as curses get. ;)

    9. A great idea which, at times, is also greatly executed while, at times, fails to deliver. Some stories are really well-written, whereas other stories are not very well fleshed out. Carra is probably my favourite character and my favourite story is Jude's. All in all, it's a good enough read - at times even amazing - but somewhat uneven.

    10. Reseña completa: ow/BYBT8 Un fix-up muy interesante y original que recomiendo sin duda. Ángeles cabrones, brujas, clanes de linajes antiguos en guerra, monstruos indescriptibles y una batalla en ciernes.

    11. Gemma Files has created a quintessentially Canadian saga of weird, a magisterial collection of interrelated stories exploring family histories of magic, monsters, angels, and demons. It's bizarre, it's twisted, it's scary, and it's totally awesome.

    12. That was intense and awesome. with an end I did not see coming. Also I think more urban fantasy or horror should be set in Canada.

    13. I really enjoyed this book. It is constructed as a series of short stories, that progressively intertwine until the final chapter ties everything up. There are a number of interesting characters, and different situations that give this world a wonderful depth. I am now a big fan of Carra Devise and wish to read more about her in particular.The only problem I had with the book was that at times I had a hard time differentiating the characters by voice. They didn't strongly differentiate for me, w [...]

    14. It's clear that Gemma Files knows what she's talking about when she writes about Scottish folklore, Ontario history, e.t.c and it's refreshing change of pace from the tired tropes, but besides that, We Will All Go Down Together just didn't click for me. I'm a huge fan of the Terrible Seven angel mythology and the way each of the stories in the collection tied in with each other was neat, but I had a hard time caring about any of the characters and the plot wandered off on tangents a little too m [...]

    15. 3.5/5Nei boschi fuori Overdeere, in Ontario, ci sono alberi che sussurrano nella notte, un villaggio che non compare su alcuna mappa, luoghi inquietanti che intrappolano i viaggiatori incauti. Una musica sembra sprigionarsi dal sottosuolo, mentre i sogni e incubi prendono sembianze antropomorfe per serpeggiare nell’oscurità.È un luogo mistico e agghiacciante, ma anche il centro dove le cinque linee di sangue di antiche famiglie potranno finalmente convergere.Questa la premessa di We Will All [...]

    16. If I could I'd give this book 2.5 stars out of 5. I liked parts of it, largely for the imaginative elements, but overall I found it a slog to get through. A few of the reviewers here on have said they nearly abandoned the book halfway through but hadn't, and yet still gave the book four stars. Taking comfort in the fact that others felt similarly, I decided to power through and finish it. A part of me is glad I finished it in spite of the fact that I grew to dislike it more and more as I read, [...]

    17. This is a book of dark and horrific fantasy short stories woven together to create a tapestry of lore. They are all about the FiveAD VOICES ON AIRThis story is about a girl who wants to write the ultimate folk song. She loves music and originality but folk music MUST be rooted in legend so she does research Only to find more than she bargained for! Who is the strange man who seems to he following her? (This story is written in blog and social media like form)BLACK BOXA super powered Medium squar [...]

    18. I'm a massive Gemma Files fan. "The Hexslinger Trilogy" are my favourite books of all time. So when I saw another book by her about witches and fae, my response was "sign me up!" I got worried when I saw it was a series of short stories, but Ms. Files came through, like always.(view spoiler)[ This is a book with monsters, but really it's about humans. All the characters have very human motivations. Euwphaim wants revenge against those who hurt her. Carra wants peace and quiet, like anyone else w [...]

    19. Once there were 5 people (?) with evil in their souls. Now their heirs are living amongst us. This books contains the stories about their meetings, deeds, recognizing each other and fights. And about people (?) who are willingly/unwillingly connected to them. Well, this is a strange book (as the horror books should be!). Let´s start with the praise - the authoress is obviously an intelligent, well-educated person with vivid imagination (even if her mind seems to wander the nonconventional paths [...]

    20. Witches, Fae, twisted family trees, ancient magic, and old blood abound in this novel from Gemma Files. This collection of connected novelettes is her attempt at creating a distinctly Canadian brand of horror, and she succeeds, for the most part. As always, her prose style is gorgeous and sumptuous, with long, poetic paragraphs reminiscent of Peter Straub. Likewise, her characters are diverse and interesting, and the way she connects them all together feels organic and satisfying. The best thing [...]

    21. I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.So, I did not finish this book. I was very excited when I first requested it, but didn't realize the novel was a series of short stories. I know there are other reviewers who really liked this style, but for me it just didn't work. I think I only managed to get about 10% in when I decided this was not the right book for me. I LOVE the cover and th [...]

    22. A well written novel and an interesting read but one that I fell could have been so much more.For a full review, please go to examiner/review/we-wil and follow me on Twitter @josenher

    23. Some of the individual stories are excellent (Cara and Jude especially) but the attempts to pull them together are messy. Absolutely worth it, though.

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