Miss Chopsticks

Miss Chopsticks Xinran takes her readers to the heart of modern Chinese society in this delightful and absorbing tale of three peasant girls getting to grips with life in the big city The Li sisters don t have much e

  • Title: Miss Chopsticks
  • Author: Xinran
  • ISBN: 9780701180416
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Xinran takes her readers to the heart of modern Chinese society in this delightful and absorbing tale of three peasant girls getting to grips with life in the big city.The Li sisters don t have much education, but one thing has been drummed into them their mother is a failure because she hasn t managed to produce a son, and they themselves only merit a number as a name WXinran takes her readers to the heart of modern Chinese society in this delightful and absorbing tale of three peasant girls getting to grips with life in the big city.The Li sisters don t have much education, but one thing has been drummed into them their mother is a failure because she hasn t managed to produce a son, and they themselves only merit a number as a name Women, their father tells them, are like chopsticks utilitarian and easily broken Men, on the other hand, are the strong rafters that hold up the roof of a house Yet when circumstances lead the sisters to seek work in distant Nanjing, the shocking new urban environment opens their eyes While Three contributes to the success of a small restaurant, Five and Six learn new talents at a health spa and a bookshop tearoom And when the money they earn starts arriving back at the village, their father is forced to recognize that daughters are not so dispensable after all.As the Li sisters discover Nanjing, so do we its past, its customs and culture, and its future as a place where people can change their lives.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    2 thoughts on “Miss Chopsticks

    1. Xue Xinran, who usually writes as simply Xinran , was a radio broadcaster in China before moving to Great Britain and beginning to publish books She currently writes as a columnist.

    2. A beautiful engaging book both humorous and with a penetrating understanding.Explores the lives of three Chinese girls from a rural village , from a family that has only produced girls, in a culture where this is seen as a great misfortune.To have girls according to this mentality is a misfortune as girls are regarded as 'chopsticks' disposable, and a son as a 'roofbeam', - holding up the family and household.These three girls (given only numbers) and not names make their way to the city of Nanj [...]

    3. Yes, I have tagged this with "non fiction" even though it is not. That is because although the characters and events are not real, the people and places they were based on are. Xinran was a journalist who now writes beautiful stories about women in China. Their stories are sometimes heart-breaking, sometimes funny and always touching. This novel is about as close to real as you can get.This is the story of three sisters, named Three, Five and Six, who have lived all their life in the countryside [...]

    4. This book is about three sisters, known as Three, Five and Six. Their mother was only able to give birth to girls (although we all know that’s the man’s fault, isn’t it!). In his disappointment, the father didn’t want to bother thinking of names for the girls, so he named them according to the order that they were born in. It’s called Miss Chopsticks because that’s what girls are known as, “Chopsticks” because chopsticks are only to be used and discarded, and easily broken. Men, [...]

    5. A book about Chinese women that does not make you want to run out and adopt a Chinese orphan girl! Does that sound shallow? After reading this I felt that every other book I have read set in this culture or in American immigrant families has painted a bleak world in which the main character struggles against all, often with the support of one or two faithful friends, who are fated to die or be separated from her. Perhaps I am over reacting?In any case, Xinran paints a picture of modern China whi [...]

    6. Miss Chopsticks is a fictionalised account of three Chinese girls who Xinran had met. Their stories are both sad and full of hope: they are poor and disadvantaged, but by good luck, cleverness and hard work, they show their family how much they are worth.If you're interested in China, and particularly the lives of women in China, I definitely recommend Xinran's work. It's well translated, I think: very clear and easy to read. The translation does create a distance, and it's not like a English no [...]

    7. Ha sido como un cuento, o más bien como una fábula sobre tres chicas "palillo" en un mundo totalmente distinto al suyo. Parecía que estaba leyendo algo de hace décadas, pero no, la historia está ambientada a comienzos del siglo XXI y llama muchísimo la atención las diferencias tan abismales entre el campo y los núcleos urbanos de una sociedad como la china. Me ha gustado todo lo que me han contado, sentirme algo más cerca de una cultura tan desconocida para mí, y el tono positivo aunqu [...]

    8. If you’ve never read anything by Xinran before then allow me to get bossy: Read something by Xinran.Actually, I’ve only read her non-fiction, which is invariably so affecting, so powerful that the stories she tells will never leave you. I was keen to see how she tackled fiction and her novel, Miss Chopsticks, was recommended to me by Lisa (an excellent suggestion to meet a tricky reading challenge category).Miss Chopsticks is the story of peasant sisters – their mother is considered a fail [...]

    9. This wonderful novel details three sisters’ journey of exploration as they leave their little village and all-female siblings behind to work in the city and try to make more of themselves than being the ‘chopsticks’ that they’ve been branded. The three sisters’ stories unfold as their individual characters come to light – Five is seen as stupid and worthless, but a kindly character called Engineer Wu takes her under his wing and explains how the ignorance of male-run villages breed t [...]

    10. The first chapter of Miss Chopsticks is so funny and heartwarming that I fully expected to fall in love with this book. While that didn’t quite happen, it was certainly an engaging and enlightening read.The blurb is written as if this were a book about three sisters struggling against patriarchy, perhaps because that’s what western readers expect from books about Chinese women, but while the book touches on gender issues, that’s not its focus. Rather, this is a book about three sisters fro [...]

    11. Miss Chopsticks amalgamates the stories that the author, Xinran has come across in her travels to rural china in the 90’s. The title of the book comes from the perception that Chinese women are viewed as ‘chopsticks’ – they are plentiful but not particularly useful unless used in collaboration with others. The men and boys are considered ‘roof beams’ – the strong pillars of society that shelter and protect China. Post-cultural revolution China is a land of opportunity – and Three [...]

    12. Will this be as good as Sky Burial? I hope so! No, in my opinion it wasn't.Reading this was kind of a culture shock. I have a hard time believing the complete naivety of the three main characters. Maybe what disturbed me most was what the author has them say. I can question my inability to "accept" that these women did have such naive thoughts. On the other hand such naivety was not evident in the characters of Skye Burial. Understanding of what is right and wrong or what moves people is not lea [...]

    13. The title of the book says it all "Miss Chopsticks". This is the derogatory term used in this tiny country-side village to describe women- their frailty, their usefulness for a single meal, after which they are tossed away. Men, on the other hard, are referred to as "roofbeams", that is it is their strength that holds up the entire household.Great book that highlights the struggles of three Chinese sisters who leave their tiny village to move to the city of Nanjing to make a living. Their experi [...]

    14. Fiction A-Z Book 'X': Miss Chopsticks by XinranI really loved this book. It's the story of three sisters from the Chinese countryside who go to work in Nanjing. It's a whole different world for them, and the book is a great exploration of this relatively new phenomenon in China. The sisters (Three, Five, and Six) are varied in skill and personality, and Xinran does a great job of deepening their characters, and making the journey they are on interesting and touching. There are no great obstacles [...]

    15. Excellent book, I felt so humble, it is full of beautiful lessons of life. For many people China looks like another planet and Chinese people like aliens. I can say that we are not so different. I am not giving here a review of this book because in this webpage there exist really good ones. Only as a curiosity, the book in its front cover has three Chinese characters, 菜(cai4)vegetables or food, 水(shui3)water, 茶(cha2)tea. The book tells the story of three sisters, Tree, Five and Six. Three [...]

    16. This is a definite five star read for me. At less than 300 pages, it is not a long novel. It provides a view of life in China which is as much caught in the past as it is moving towards a different future. I've reviewd the novel at for thise interested: tinyurl/3cbqwhI also recommend Xinran's 'Sky Burial'Both are beautifully written books, in my view.

    17. The author bends the truth a little and combines three stories as one. An interesting look into China (however a genre that is really well documented by some amazing work). An easy read but hardly life-changing.

    18. I would really give this 2.5 stars. Interesting subject matter about rural-urban migration and cultural issues within China, but it was not that gripping a read. I felt like I was waitng for something to happenbut it never did. Having said that, I would explore this writer's previous works.

    19. I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. It is not a book I would of chosen for myself. Loved the history from a girls point of view.

    20. I don't think the novel is Xinran's element, but the story interested me because it is set in Nanjing where I lived for many years.

    21. This was a very fun read. I learned quite a bit about modern-day rural China. The character development was well done. I was intrigued that it was loosely based on real characters.

    22. La condition féminine dans la Chine contemporaine à travers la vie de 3 jeunes campagnardes découvrant la vie des citadins. Très intéressant.

    23. Another excellent read by Xinran, who writes what she knows without romanticising. The author's journalist experience and training help to create a story I couldn't put down but devoured in a very short time. At first I was annoyed at the girls' names of "Six, Five and Three", since we are told that the number-characters used for their names can have other meanings, such as Five's "Charming". It would have been easier to tell them apart in the first part of the book if they had had character nam [...]

    24. This was definitely not for me. Too bad that the theme was not presented in a better, more engaging style. I felt this is a book for children, as it is so overly and annoyingly simplistic, both in content and in language. The characters are just not believable and I cannot connect with the patronising style of writing. I could hardly stand finishing it. As someone else wrote, everyone in Nanjing seems to be over-the-top friendly and helpful, to the point that you feel the city portrayed as a par [...]

    25. *This book doesn't rely very heavily on plot, but here's a warning for potential spoilers just in case you mind*This is a wonderful book which was captivating from start to finish. It has no real plot, instead just detailing the lives of three country girls who are trying to get by in the big city. It is wonderfully written, with perfectly-drawn characters and an absorbing insight into a culture quite unlike the one I was brought up in.I know very little about China and so this book was a brilli [...]

    26. I came to read this book in a roundabout fashion. A book with the French title of BAGUETTE CHINOISE was recommended by a member of a book group I belong to. We wanted to read it in English but didn’t know the English title, and decided that it must be GOOD WOMEN OF CHINA. But when we began to discuss the book, the selector said that didn’t sound even remotely like the book she had read. We finally determined that BAGUETTE CHINOISE had been translated into English as MISS CHOPSTICKS, and that [...]

    27. After having read Xinran Xue's three other books, including The Good Women of China, and the haunting Sky Burial, I didn't have to think twice when I saw her latest offering, Miss Chopsticks, in the bookshop. Xinran writes with a lyrical style - and Miss Chopsticks, a feel-good novel, is engrossing to the end. Translated by Esther Tyldesley, the book traces the journey of three peasant girls, Three, Five and Six - so named because in China, the value of the girl-child is negligible, just numeric [...]

    28. The novel is about the lives of three girls born in a rural part of China into a family of six girls, the girls are not given names just numbers!. Girls were not valued at all and were referred to as ‘chopsticks’ while boys are known as ‘roof-beams’ – chopsticks are tools to be used up and discarded. The father of the family has no status in the village since he had produced only girls. This changed when his third daughter (named 3) is moved to the city to work, returning during her ho [...]

    29. Wow. It's taken a little to time to process everything that happened in Miss Chopsticks. If I read literature set in China Chinese Cinderella, A Thousand Years Of Good Prayers, etc. it so often feels like an alternate universe. There is a feeling of there being no link to the outside world but I felt that there was a sense of relatability in this book. Through Xinran incorporating 'bignoses' into the novel you could get this amazing view of how Chinese people actually felt when they were 'inva [...]

    30. L'histoire de trois sœurs chinoises venues en ville pour échapper à la campagne. Trois, Cinq et Six arrive à Nankin pour trouver du travail, elles qui n'ont aucune valeur aux yeux de leur père et du village d'où elles viennent (ce sont des baguettes, des filles et non des poutres, des garçons), vont essayer de faire de leur mieux pour s'en sortir.J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce roman, semi-biographique, puisque Xinran s'inspire de la vraie histoire de 3 jeunes filles pour l'écrire, cela se l [...]

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