Докато простосмъртните спят

  • Title: Докато простосмъртните спят
  • Author: Kurt Vonnegut Венцислав К. Венков
  • ISBN: 9789545299858
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
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      240 Kurt Vonnegut Венцислав К. Венков
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    2 thoughts on “Докато простосмъртните спят

    1. Kurt Vonnegut Венцислав К. Венков says:

      Kurt Vonnegut, Junior was an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist He was recognized as New York State Author for 2001 2003 He was born in Indianapolis, later the setting for many of his novels He attended Cornell University from 1941 to 1943, where he wrote a column for the student newspaper, the Cornell Daily Sun Vonnegut trained as a chemist and worked as a journalist before joining the U.S Army and serving in World War II After the war, he attended University of Chicago as a graduate student in anthropology and also worked as a police reporter at the City News Bureau of Chicago He left Chicago to work in Schenectady, New York in public relations for General Electric He attributed his unadorned writing style to his reporting work His experiences as an advance scout in the Battle of the Bulge, and in particular his witnessing of the bombing of Dresden, Germany whilst a prisoner of war, would inform much of his work This event would also form the core of his most famous work, Slaughterhouse Five, the book which would make him a millionaire This acerbic 200 page book is what most people mean when they describe a work as Vonnegutian in scope Vonnegut was a self proclaimed humanist and socialist influenced by the style of Indiana s own Eugene V Debs and a lifelong supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union.The novelist is known for works blending satire, black comedy and science fiction, such as Slaughterhouse Five 1969 , Cat s Cradle 1963 , and Breakfast of Champions 1973

    2. Lordy, why were these stories published? This is buried-in-the-bottom-drawer stuff, early examples of competence in the writing-for-slicks-and-glossies side of Kurt’s career. There were two sides to Kurt in the fifties and sixties: one was the knockout novelist who wrote prophetic, visionary, hilarious, moving and perfect books of permanence that no one noticed until Slaughterhouse V. Then there was the hack who wrote formulaic stories to keep his family in shoes, clothes and Drano. And I conf [...]

    3. Since Kurt Vonnegut’s death, there have been three volumes of previously unpublished Vonnegut short fiction. I didn’t bother with them initially, because I don’t gravitate to short stories to begin with, and on top of that I figured the posthumously published leftovers probably weren’t the cream of the crop.But recently it struck me that we won’t be getting any more genuinely new Vonnegut material ever (not the first time that realization has come to me as if it were a new discovery), [...]

    4. mix de proze foarte bune cu unele slabe. stilul cinic, ironic, amuzant și parodic al lui vonnegut e dublat uneori de un realism simplu, sentimental. merită citit.

    5. tr. Ölümlüler Uyurken. Yazarın çoğunlukla gençken kaleme aldığı ve ölümünden sonra yayımlanan hikayelerden oluşuyor kitap. Bence mükemmel kitap. Niçin? Çünkü takdir edilecek pratik ve yaratıcı bir zeka, hikaye karakterlerini kısa sürede okuyucuya aktarabilen ve olay örgüsüne geçiş yapan bir ustalık ve hepsinden önemlisi bir dert bir samimiyet var neredeyse tüm öykülerde. Kitabın önsözünde Vonnegut'un ahlakçılığına dair birkaç kelam edilmiş. Bu çerçe [...]

    6. I read many reviews about the volumes of Vonnegut short stories that were published after his death. Many feel that they lack the overall cohesion that Kurt Vonnegut displays in his larger works such as The Sirens of Titan and Cat's Cradle. They seem to think that Vonnegut could not pack a punch in less than 20 pages. They aren't right.In each of these short stories Vonnegut quickly sketches a world filled with flawed characters. He makes them quickly likable, or detestable, as each story would [...]

    7. Много радваща книга с ранни, неиздавани досега разкази. Един много различен Вонегът и все пак така очарователен, увлекателен и добър в разнищването на душата. Силна доза хумор, омесен с човечност, тъга, самота и няколко щипки абсурд.Горещо я препоръчвам.

    8. Not stellar, but a decent collection. And the artwork was a nice touch. Favorites: • Ruth• Out, Brief Candle• The Man Without No Kiddleys

    9. There are 16 short stories in “While Mortals Sleep,” and I really loved all of them. I’m not afraid to climb on top of one of those old trick planes and wave a banner from the sky: “I NO LONGER THINK KURT VONNEGUT IS JUST OKAY….HE IS WONDERFUL!” In all wickedness, I had only read “Slaughterhouse-Five” as my Kurt Vonnegut read beforehand. He seems to be touted by most everyone, but is especially praised by post-students who thought their assigned school reading (and nothing else) [...]

    10. Eh. I think, as other reviews on this site have stated more eloquently than I can, that these stories were in the 'unpublished' pile for a reason. Make no mistake: each and every one is better than something I could write, but compared to Vonnegut when he's on fire well, they're lacking.I went to pick it up today to finish off the last few stories and found myself staring at the rest of my to-read pile and my hand went straight to the next book in line. I could kid myself and say that I'll blow [...]

    11. I often feel that posthumous releases of an author's early work are little more than a money grab by the publisher. However, in this case, I'm glad these early stories made their way into the world.This is a side of Vonnegut that fans of his later work may not completely appreciate, but I enjoyed all the stories. Warm, often funny, and with a gentle reminder of the simpler morals of a time long passed, the stories are a light read--well worth it for anyone who appreciates short fiction.

    12. Seperti yang disebut Dave Eggers dalam kata pengantar, cerpen-cerpen ini ditulis ketika Vonnegut belum jadi Vonnegut yang kita kenal: humor satir gelap sinis-pesimistik, elemen fiksi ilmiah, Kilgore Trout. Memang, beberapa mengarah ke sana. Mungkin yang paling terasa di cerpen pertama. Kebanyakan cerpen ini punya tema utama, kehidupan Amerika pasca Perang Dunia.

    13. Kurt Vonnegut was unquestionably my favorite author when I was in high school. My most beloved English teacher, the grey-bearded Mr. Hansen (who somewhat resembled an Anglo-Saxon vision of God, if God wore Hawaiian shirts and linen shorts in the summertime), wrote something in my yearbook about how I had a Vonnegut-like sensibility. Nothing could've made me more proud. It's been years since I read anything by the man, though, and when my friend Lauren recommended this collection, I put it on hol [...]

    14. Stuff I Read - While Mortals Sleep by Kurt Vonnegut ReviewSo I would consider myself a fan of Vonnegut, due mostly to a busy summer when I read through a number of his books. I have been curious to see how many of those books would hold up now that I'm older (I was in High School at the time). Here, though, is something completely new to me, and short fiction as well, but as I liked Welcome to the Monkey House I figured I would like these as well. And, for the most part, they have a good deal of [...]

    15. I could continue reading Vonnegut's unpublished works forever and I wish I could. There are only a few clunkers in this volume (The Epizootic, Guardian of the Person, While Mortals Sleep)- primarily because they end too abruptly.Jenny is a treasure of a story. It is a heartbreaking story of a lonely appliance salesman and his talking, dancing refrigerator. Hundred Dollar Kisses recounts the justifiable reason a man would beat his officemate with a telephone - "the part you talk and listen in". V [...]

    16. Dave Eggars shares some rare insight in his introduction to these previously unpublished stories. He points out how these early works were written by a young Vonnegut with a new family and all the resulting worries about money, stability, and career. (One character even toils as an engineer for the phone company while writing on the side, like Vonnegut himself.) Most of the conflicts concern the value of money versus art, or passion, or love—the intangibles Vonnegut spent his life uplifting, i [...]

    17. Some of these stories were right proper five stars good, some were four star yolo swag stories and some were three and maybe two stars depending on how preachy and heavy -handed Vonnegut gets in the final few pages (HEY EVERYONE MONEY CHANGES PEOPLE DOESN'T IT LOL). At times, and I'm thinking particularly about the penultimate story "Money Talks" here, Vonnegut feels more like a sleepy old grandpa than he does a writer, waking up from his drug-induced coma every now and then to remind us of what [...]

    18. I first took up this book in a bookstore a couple of years ago - it might have been newly out - read a story or two and sort-of became my bookstore-reading book, the one I looked at when I went to the store to pass some time and didn't have any other interests. Now I finally read it (I can scratch it out of my to-read list after all that time!)and I wasn't disappointed.When I looked briefly into the comments section, most people seemed to compare "While mortals sleep" with Kurt Vonnegut's other [...]

    19. I'd never read any of Vonnegut's short stories before (nor, for that matter, have I read many of his novels), but this seemed like as good a place as any to start. After reading Slaughterhouse Five and Cat's Cradle I have come to know Vonnegut as a darkly satirical writer, but this collection shows a lighter side of his work. While all the tales have something to teach you, they are overall still optimistic - admittedly it was a sigh of relief after reading a collection of Richard Yates's storie [...]

    20. There are authors so important that you mourn their passing, and honestly I thought we'd already seen all we'd see from Vonnegut. My visceral reaction to seeing this volume at the library led me to bringing it home, although I have to admit I skimmed a few of the stories I didn't connect with as much because I had to return it! New books should have *longer* checkout periods, not shorter. :)These are unpublished short fictions from earlier in Vonnegut's life, so they are different from most shor [...]

    21. Full disclosure: I am biased with Kurt. HoweverThere is little more satisfying than a well-written short story. In his collection Bagombo Snuff Box, Vonnegut outlined the necessary elements of a successful short story. This early collection sees him simultaneously obey and break the rules he later set forth, with gleeful abandon and his usual irreverence. Most of the stories in Where Mortals Sleep are of a fairly straightforward fare and highlight a burgeoning genius of the literary world. Much [...]

    22. While most reviewers considered these stories, written to meet the expectations of a bygone era, quaint and nostalgic if nonetheless still relevant to our times, a few found their emphasis on plot twists and explicit morals passé. All, however, agreed that Vonnegut’s dry and unassuming tone, unadorned prose, and unique vision of life are evident even at this early stage in his career. For most, this was reason enough to pay tribute to and recommend this posthumous collection. Vonnegut’s end [...]

    23. Би трябвало тези истории (в такъв стил) да ми харесат доста, но не зная защо не „влязох” добре в тях, плъзгах се по повърхността на страниците. Взела съм си и друг сборник на Вонегът, защото ми харесва какви неща от живота го интересуват. „Бе престанал да зачита не само Колед [...]

    24. Vonnegut e i racconti (almeno in questa raccolta) non vanno affatto d'accordo.Ci sono chiari riferimenti ai temi che vengono sviluppati nei romanzi, e alcuni racconti sono piacevoli, ricchi di humor che fa riflettere, come caratteristico dell'autore, ma il fatto che limiti lo spazio del suo pensiero nuoce gravemente a tutto quello che è l'aspetto totale della filosofia del caro Kurt.Degni di nota nella raccolta sono "Jenny" e "Hundred-dollar kisses": il primo in stile totalmente consono all'aut [...]

    25. 3.5 stars. I felt an odd sense of dread when reading more than two of these stories in a row. The sameness of the themes throughout the stories and strong moralistic tone got overbearing. However, the thrill of his stringing together of words, his touch with humour and dialogue; and the tension between and within players drew me into the stories. Of course, part of the thrill was simply a younger, unpublished Vonnegut. Standouts for me: While Mortals Sleep, With His Hand on the Throttle and The [...]

    26. If this doesn't give hope to struggling writers, I don't know what would. Sure these seem like simple, maybe boring, stories, but they show KV in his creative development! It is the beginning of an autobiography of sorts of KV as a writer. This isn't Welcome to the Monkey House, nor were these stories intended to be. These are the stories of a man publishing to get published, all the while practicing and perfecting his incredible gifts of wit, insight, and storytelling. A must-read for all KV fa [...]

    27. Aunque a Kurt VONNEGUTlo asocio más con la ciencia ficción, esta colección de escritos (publicados póstumamente) realmente no se tratan de eso, sino son una profunda e interesante serie de reflexiones sobre la humanidad, presentadas de una manera irónica, a través de una serie de personajes fallidos, que tratan de resolver sus vidas, con resultados mixtos. "Jenny", "La Persona al Mando", "Ruth" y "Fuera, Vela Efímera", son particularmente efectivas.

    28. The best of short stories, Vonnegut packs unusual (if not improbable) story lines with unlikely characters into a few very compelling pages. No matter how impossible the story, how strange the character, the story comes alive. Fantasy, for a few delightful minutes becomes real, the boundaries of credulity are pushed to extremes.While Mortals Sleep has 16 well told tales. Unexpected stories, each one is compelling, unusual, unreal and, for the reading, entirely compelling, eminently believable.

    29. Didn't realize how much I've missed Vonnegut, these short stories were full of insight and truth about men & women and contempory society. I read everything he wrote back in the 70's and loved them all. So glad these have now been published.

    30. Es lo primero que leo de Vonnegut y la verdad, son relatos inéditos, que no vieron la luz en su momento y supongo que el resto de su obra es mil veces mejor. Pero aún así, me han parecido ingeniosos, pintorescos e interesantes. No será lo último que lea de él, eso seguro.

    31. Forgot to add this in.Anyway, I liked this one a lot since this was a Kurt Vonnegut before the war savaged his views on man and mankind in general. The stories somehow had a sense of the young Kurt when he was striving to make ends meet, without the bitterness shown in his later novels.

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