Daffodils Daffodils follows the varying fortunes of three people through the turbulent time of the First World War as Edwardian England s rigid class structures crumble under its weight Katy is frustrated as a

  • Title: Daffodils
  • Author: Alex Martin
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  • Page: 144
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Daffodils follows the varying fortunes of three people through the turbulent time of the First World War, as Edwardian England s rigid class structures crumble under its weight Katy is frustrated as a domestic servant and longs to escape Jem loves Katy but cannot have her Lionel, fresh from working in India, is ambitious, arrogant and full of radical ideas War affectsDaffodils follows the varying fortunes of three people through the turbulent time of the First World War, as Edwardian England s rigid class structures crumble under its weight Katy is frustrated as a domestic servant and longs to escape Jem loves Katy but cannot have her Lionel, fresh from working in India, is ambitious, arrogant and full of radical ideas War affects them all in very different ways and each pays a high price for the changes they are forced to make.

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    2 thoughts on “Daffodils

    1. I came late to writing No, that s wrong I came late to publishing my writing And what a thrilling ride it s proving to be I m never happier than when bashing both brain and keyboard in my Plotting Shed at the end of my garden On gloriously creative days, I can look up and find hours have passed I m amazed the scenery is unchanged, fixed, when I ve been absorbed in heart stopping drama or tragedy, or romance At last, I am following my bliss I m a bit late to the party, but I m dancing.There was an old black and gold typewriter knocking about my childhood home When I wasn t skinning my knees climbing trees or wandering aimlessly in the countryside with my dog and my dreams, I could be found, as now, typing away with imaginary friends whispering in my ear.My first novel, The Twisted Vine, is based on a happy time picking grapes in France in the 1980s I met some amazing people there but none as outrageous as those that sprang to life on my screen Daffodils, is based in Wiltshire, where I grew up It attempts to portray how ordinary lives, and the rigid social order, were radically altered by the catalyst of the First World War This book developed into The Katherine Wheel Series, with a sequel set in 1919 in the aftermath of WW1, Peace Lily, and Speedwell, taking the characters into the roaring twenties.The next one, as yet un named, is a ghost story I m just listening to the whispers from the other side to get the full picture.

    2. The first world war broke out in EuropeYoung people from small, poor bucolic British families all dreamed of new possibilities and better lives if they signed up for the war. Most of them, in counties such as Wiltshire, had never been in London, many had never seen the sea. They eked out a living working for the gentry on their big estates with poverty standing like invisible perennial guards at their doors. There was hardly any escape possible until the war came.Katy Beagle worked in the manor [...]

    3. Enjoyed this bookThis was a very well written and enjoyable story. Great characters and storyline. It keeps you involved from the beginning to end. I would recommend this book and am anxious to start the sequel.

    4. Daffodils- Alex Martin 4* Set in the early days of the first world war this tells the story of Katy and her life and loves. Of the hills and fresh air of home and her dreams through her reading. The harshness of the living conditions of the time and the lack of sanitation and things we all now take for granted. The journey through the war for Katy and her family and village and the traumas therein. I am not usually into historical novels but this one has a certain charm to it and the characters [...]

    5. This is the last book I shall review this year and I found it compelling. Katy dreams of a different sort of life, away from the quiet, Wiltshire backwater she has grown up in. Her dreams make her reluctant to accept Jem's proposal of marriage, as marrying him would mean giving up her dreams of travel. Katy has her head and heart briefly turned by the charms of her employer's son. Her liaisons with him are enough to cause a minor scandal which threatens to tarnish Katy's reputation. So, when Jem [...]

    6. A charming, easy going read with endearing characters. Pure coincidence that I read it during Remembrance time and right after downloading Downton Abbey Season 5!Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book I do have a few gripes: - the main characters are all so NICE! (Well apart from the vile Leonard.)- i felt that some of the language did not fit the context properly, f.e. the use of pound cake vs sponge cake. Also, I can't imagine simple country folk from the Great War era likening things to auto [...]

    7. This touching love story, set against the backdrop of the turmoil of World War I, is told from the heart and, although the subject matter is tragic, I really enjoyed the read. Katy is a wonderful heroine. I found myself caring deeply about her and wanting everything to work out. Jem, too, is a hugely sympathetic hero, and I liked him for his courage and steadfastness. The main theme of this novel is the human spirit and how it prevails in spite of the horrors of poverty and war. All is not doom [...]

    8. Katy is a maid who lives to read and hates being a maid. Her parents want her to marry Jem who is a gardener on the estate. Charles is the heir to the estate. When he comes home from school unexpectedly he takes a shine to Katy and all hell breaks loose. He ends up joining the army and Kathy gets fired. Jem asks her to marry him. Though Katy finally admits that she loves Jem but their life is not easy and the First World War will affect everyone's lives.

    9. I really loved this book After I finished it, it was as if I had seen a movie I had to keep reminding myself that I didn't see it, I read it! It was just so vividly described and emotionally well-thought out. There is an element of grief to the story that is very realistic and even though the elements of faith are in a negative vein, the theme of grace and mercy and forgiveness still comes through very moving story.

    10. A fantastic story which was written beautifully. I have not read many books based around WW1 and this was just right.The characters have some hard times and I found myself in tears at times, but overall the story was told in a way I could relate to and understand.Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction.

    11. This past autumn I visited the World War One museum. This historical fiction account of the war was engaging and insightful. The author had a good storyline and also helped the reader learn a lot of historical facts about the war.

    12. I really loved the story of world war one. I am really looking forward to the sequel. Great romance and historical information.

    13. I decided to read this book because I'm strongly interested in WWII books and its aftermath but am less familiar with WWI, and I wanted to read more on the topic. This book highlights some of the key themes surrounding WWI: class change, industrialization, changing gender roles, etc. I liked watching how Katy evolved and matured into an adult capable of understanding and interacting with the world around her. I wish we'd had a bit more of Lionel, creepy and pompous though he is. He, Katy, and Je [...]

    14. I had a hard time getting into this book at the beginning. I left it for a while and then came back to it, and it was really worth it! I really enjoyed the modern views and descriptions of old times.

    15. War storyThe book is a story of WWI as experienced by a servant girl. The depiction of the class separation before the war and how this changed is a good part of the story. I liked the story's characters and their interaction I will read the next book in the series.

    16. The have and have notsTerrific book. Well written and easy to follow. This is not one of my favorite genres but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    17. Good book! Interesting to read a book about WWI. Have read many about WWII, and am going to start another one.

    18. The story takes place during WWI. Katy marries Jem and he goes off to war after they lose a child. Katy gets the letter that he's missing in action and decides to sign up to help the war efforts

    19. This is a story that breaks your heart in places. It tells about different people in WWI and the choices they make and how it influences their lives.

    20. Loved this fabulous book about Britain during World War I. It makes Downton Abbey come alive in a whole new way.

    21. I liked the strong female characters. The book discussed tragedies that happened in day to day live during a war.

    22. A story of war and carrying onI enjoyed this a lot. Set during WW1, really the start of the modern world for women. Unlikely friendships and a great equaliser of prior societal class status. Worth the read.

    23. Captivating and a great source of WW1!I literally had a lump in my throat at the end of the story. You must be thinking why I am talking about the end of a book at the beginning of the review? The reason is because a great ending is what MAKES a Good Book, and Daffodils is a Good Book!It is the story of two working class British citizens - Katy and Jem, whose story will take you through hardships that are personal at first, but then that will see the First World War. We see a joining of two hear [...]

    24. Such a good stay up all night read. Made me cry. Had enough twists and turns and the visualization was really well written.

    25. Loved this bookDaffodils was such an enthralling read, both for the storyline and the historical backdrop. WW I provides history buffs like me a great era to immerse oneself in, and the story of Katie and Jem is loving and lovely.

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