Murder Comes Unraveled

Murder Comes Unraveled It s a beautiful afternoon in May and set up for The Black Hills Fiber Gathering is in full swing Martha Williamson owner of The Spider s Web a shop specializing in spinning and weaving is looking f

  • Title: Murder Comes Unraveled
  • Author: Veryl Ann Grace
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s a beautiful afternoon in May and set up for The Black Hills Fiber Gathering is in full swing Martha Williamson, owner of The Spider s Web a shop specializing in spinning and weaving, is looking forward to four glorious days of selling and talking fiber and fiber tools as she organizes her booth and gets her alpaca settled in their stall Then Falcor, her Great PyreneIt s a beautiful afternoon in May and set up for The Black Hills Fiber Gathering is in full swing Martha Williamson, owner of The Spider s Web a shop specializing in spinning and weaving, is looking forward to four glorious days of selling and talking fiber and fiber tools as she organizes her booth and gets her alpaca settled in their stall Then Falcor, her Great Pyrenees, finds a body, and she is pulled into the agony of a terrible accident Or is it As one person after another seems to have reason for wanting the victim dead, Martha is and certain there was no accident However if it was murder, who did it and why When there is another attack and Martha is threatened, it becomes obvious that she needs to find the answers With her steadfast Great Pyrenees, Denali and Falcor, by her side, Martha begins to unravel the mystery, but will she be fast enough to forestall a killer s hand 968 KB

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    2 thoughts on “Murder Comes Unraveled

    1. Veryl Ann Grace Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Murder Comes Unraveled book, this is one of the most wanted Veryl Ann Grace author readers around the world.

    2. This murder mystery takes place at the Black Hills fiber Gathering in Washington state. We find Martha Williamson, owner of the Spider's Web attending the function with a sales stall for spinning, weaving looms, wools and other products. Being that she uses Great Pyrenee: Denali and Flocar as Guardian Livestock Dogs (GLD's) she sets up next to the stall for introduction to the breed. Martha also has brought a pair of Alpaca to show.This book has a murder, and it is a particularly nasty one, in m [...]

    3. Story dragged a bit; felt like there was a lot of filler to pad the pages. Story line was good but could have used more character development. Instead of spending pages telling every move the main character makes, some of the other characters could have been fleshed out a little with more back story.

    4. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so. Shelley MA

    5. Week 7 of the 2017 Reading Challenge: A book with an animal on the cover or in the title.It was an easy read and it had dogs in it so that was a plus! It kept me entertained on a cross country flight. However, the author spent waaaay too much time talking about different types of wool and how to spin it, etc. I was so not interested in that.

    6. This was such an unusual niche for a cozy mystery writer to carve out for themselves that I decided to sample it: this is the second in a series of murder mysteries solved by a widow sleuth who lives in Washington state, runs a spinning & yarn shop, loves to teach, raise, and sell things related to fleece and fiber, and also promotes the distinctive dog breed of Great Pyrenees.To be frank—this is weak writing. No discrimination about what details to include or omit, so there is a lot of an [...]

    7. Martha Williamson knows a lot about spinning, weaving, knitting, and crocheting as well as about Great Pyrenees dogs. By the end of the book, the reader will as well.Most of the action is set at a fiber gathering where people come to show, look, and buy wool, yarn, spindles, looms, sheep, goats, and other necessities of the fiber worker. The fleeces are judged and sold. Interestingly, the prices must be set before the judging so their ranking will not influence the price and buyers might get go [...]

    8. Thank heavens this was a freebie from . If I need to read about the main character handing out another business card I may scream. The writing is stilted and the conversations boring. So far my favorite character is the dog.Finished this one. Won't get any more of them, even for free. I was surprised that this wasn't a first effort for the author it really felt like a beginner's exercise. A huge amount of the dialog was with customers of the main character, around wool and spinning tools. Aside [...]

    9. I will always give a chance to a book that features knitting, spinning, fiber arts, woolly critters, etc, so I started this one with a great deal of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I ended it thinking "Well, I learned some things about Great Pyrenees, so there's that."Although the author obviously knows her stuff about the fiber arts, the writing is painfully stilted throughout most of the book. To abuse the old cliche, a good author should SHOW, not TELL, but Ms. Grace TELLS us the book from beginni [...]

    10. This book almost made me want to take up spinning! (I'll probably check out the YouTube videos mentioned in the text.) The author does an excellent job of introducing the reader to the fiber arts and the amazing Great Pyranees dog breed. Some may complain about the slower pace than found in many murder mysteries, but it really suits the characters and subject matter, creating a relaxed feel overall with momentary stresses caused by the naughty basher/stabber. Although there are a few copy errors [...]

    11. This book had the potential to be a nice cozy mystery. I also really like fiction that adds a component where you learn about a new topic. This book had that with the fiber and spinning. Unfortunately it needed a good editor. There were several grammatical errors that were annoying and too much description of mundane details. We did not need to read verbatim dialog and descriptions of each of the customers that Martha had at the Gathering. For example we were told that she added her business car [...]

    12. I so wanted to enjoy this book more than I did. An editor could have made this an excellent cozy. Unfortunately, I felt several characters shared some voicing quirks, a lot of things were told rather than shown, and often times repeatedly. If you are not a part of the knitting and handspinning community you might find the book bogs down at points with detailed instructions and/or information.All in all, it was much better than many other self-published books I've read.The mystery itself was soli [...]

    13. I enjoy the pleasant way the author writes, her assortment of both human and non-human characters and the concept of her story. All of these combine to create a book that provides a few hours of entertainment on a rainy afternoon. The biggest flaw with this particular story is that I felt the author spent too much time in the fiber booth and dealing with customers and not enough time engaged in the actual murder mystery, which resulted in a book that has lots of scenes that do little to move the [...]

    14. This book what a very quick read. Again focusing on fiber and spinning craft with a murder and a half tossed in for good measure.The way she writes some of her conversations are based on how older generations hold them, with respect and curtesy. The way she solves the mystery is in a methodical and analytical way. Start with the list of suspects and cross them off one by one.This is an excellent rainy day read, gobbling up the fiber side of life, and just following the steps to a solution. There [...]

    15. The story was entertaining, but this is not the best written book I've ever read. All the characters spoke exactly the same, and the author and whoever edited the book need some grammar lessons. The object of a preposition is in the objective case--her, not she. This book doesn't make me want to read anything else by this author, but I'm not sorry I read this book.

    16. Lots of fun, good mix of mystery and fiberA well written, enjoyable mystery, with a strong theme of fiber arts and animals. As I adore both, I found it an excellent read. I have read both flock and fiber mysteries several times, and I can only say: please write more of them! I would love to enjoy more adventures with Martha, Mark, Falcor, and Denali!

    17. Sometimes all you want to read is a simple cozy mystery, and that's what this book is. I knew "who done it" long before the end of the book, but that was ok. I found the spinning and fiber information to be very interesting, and although the book was a bit simplistic, it was perfect for a lazy afternoon read.

    18. Very repetitive writing. Talked way too much about things that did not matter, giving out business cards, opening and closing gates and what she's eating. I wa amused by the fiber festival. She gave a great feel for what they are like. I have a hard time believing that dog hair in yarn is not going to smell. But I've never been around that kind of dog so maybe it doesn't.

    19. Though it was a cozy cute story, the murderer wasn't a real mystery with lots of opportunity and motive. Also, this novel seemed to spend a lot of time describing mundane tasks e.g. getting dinner to the table, cleaning up dinner, etc. I really liked the information about spinning and knitting different animal fibers.

    20. This is the first book I've read by Veryl Ann Grace. I enjoyed the book but I don't think I will be reading her next book. The story was good but it took so long to read. I kept trying to keep up with all the characters and names.

    21. Meh. Nothing terribly wrong with this book, but nothing all that right either. Lots of errands, lots of meals, lots of people introducing themselves but not a lt of substance. But I do love Great Pyrs (i have one!) so I enjoyed reading about the breed.

    22. Murder mysterin in a small community. A nice afternoon read where you get acquainte with a whole community of people--some nice, some not so nice. Story is well written and characters are well developed.

    23. The characters seemed massively contrived, and I couldn't keep track of all the animal names and species after the third chapter, so I put it aside. It didn't seem awful, just not worth my time when there are other things to read.

    24. Another fun readI feel as though I've actually been to a fiber festival! I learned a lot and enjoyed the story. I was actually wrong in my guess of murderer!! I'm looking forward to another book by this author.

    25. The story had a murder mystery side to it, but I was not very interested in the weaving and such. If you are into fibers and Alpacas, you might enjoy some of the knowledge you could receive from the book

    26. I found the book a bit rambling. Also as a frequent visitor of fiber festivals i found the way the customers where portrayed to be condescending. Also why are the police giving her all of this information. all in all i was disapionted in the book

    27. More of a discussion of fiber, spinning and yarns than a mystery--but I liked that. Grace introduced too many people that had nothing to do with moving the story (or even the discussion) ahead, but this is only the second book in the series. I'm sure the author will grow with the series.

    28. This really is a great book about fiber arts and Great Pyrenees. The author knows a great deal about both subjects and the added murder mystery was great too. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in fiber arts and/or Pyrs and enjoy the story for what it is.

    29. Wonderful! I can't wait for more from Veryl!Spellbinding! My new favorite author!I have learned so much about fiber and Great Pyrenese! Wish I had a big farm so that I could have a couple of them.

    30. Easy readSweet book that is perfect for a quiet day with a cup of coffee. Very enjoyable read particularly for lovers of fiber.

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