Battered Not Broken

Battered Not Broken Ryan Moore forged his own path when he defied his wealthy family s expectations by joining the United States Marine Corps as an enlisted man After a period of service that s cut short by an IED explos

  • Title: Battered Not Broken
  • Author: Ranae Rose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ryan Moore forged his own path when he defied his wealthy family s expectations by joining the United States Marine Corps as an enlisted man After a period of service that s cut short by an IED explosion, the lingering physical and mental effects of war result in an isolated struggle to exist in the civilian world He throws himself into competitive MMA fighting the oneRyan Moore forged his own path when he defied his wealthy family s expectations by joining the United States Marine Corps as an enlisted man After a period of service that s cut short by an IED explosion, the lingering physical and mental effects of war result in an isolated struggle to exist in the civilian world He throws himself into competitive MMA fighting the one thing he s still able to excel at, even if every match is a risk he can t afford to take.His first encounter with amateur female fighter Ally Rivera ignites a spark of desire he hasn t felt since before a bomb left its marks on his life and his body, but his flirtation with her turns out to be anything but harmless She s struggling to hold together a family ravaged by violence a feat that isn t easy when her father has been imprisoned, leaving her vulnerable to relatives who run a local gang Can two unrelenting fighters overcome challenges they couldn t defeat alone, or do the wounds of war and crime run too deep for even love to heal Full Length Novel Approximately 110,000 words Battered Not Broken is an erotic romance contains explicit sexual content.

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    1. I write what I know and love adult romance with blue collar heroes and real life flavor Tattoos, handcuffs and men in uniform are a few of my favorite things, and it shows in my thirty published books.I live in the South with my man in uniform, who I married for the entertainment value Just kidding it was the handcuffs, err, true love So far, our happily ever after includes a couple kids, German Shepherd dogs and a mutual appreciation of timely that s what she said jokes.When I m not writing, I love reading, good coffee, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and whatever outdoor adventures I can find I also love hearing from readers, so don t be shy If you ve enjoyed something I ve written, hearing from you would make my day.

    2. Some books boast they have military heroes, others say they have characters involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA); when you read them you realize they have a character that was in the military but their military career was idealistic, and a lot of MMA characters go to a gym but you never read about an actual fight or training. Ranae Rose has dealt with both of these types of characters, all in one and done so in the wonderful package of Ryan Moore.Ryan is a Marine, honorably discharged after he w [...]

    3. 2.5-2.75 Broken StarsI will freely admit, this is one of those reads that is goodt a real problem at allbut it just didnt work for me. Battered Not Broken has two completely likeable characters, a good story line, a bit of drama, and scorching heat. So what is my issue? That is just the thing, it is just "my issue." I think I have been sucked into the darkness and need a bit of bad for my literary mind to perk up!The book flowed along nicely and progressed without a hitch. It was a basic girl an [...]

    4. This book was recommended to me by my book group, so I bought it from .The first half was pretty good. I would've preferred less repetitive words and phrases, because when a hero thinks something then says the exact same thing a few paragraphs later it pulls me out of the story, but it was a great premise. I liked the hero; I liked the heroine. I loved them together, their issues, their families, and the all around setup.Manny is an excellent addition. I love heroine not having a license. There [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsI have always known not to judge a book by its cover, but with this one I did, and it wasn't a mistake. The hottie on the cover was justified by the hottie in the book.Ryan has come back from war with physical and emotional injuries. His story put a little crack in my heart, but because I could still see his strength, it didn't completely break it. Ally had just as many scars, if not more. She was also still strong. I liked her very much. Even though she had a strong personality, she wa [...]

    6. Great premise, horrible execution. I love boxers/MMA heroes and absolutely LOVED the idea of one these sexy guys being paired with a MMA heroine - too bad the weak storyline, rushed romance, the author's need to detail every inconsequential nuance, and lackluster writing ruined what could have been a fantastic story. I must admit, despite struggling to get through this, there was something that compelled me to finish it. However, in the end I think my (slight) OCD was responsible for me not givi [...]

    7. This review can also be found on my blog.A sizzling contemporary romance featuring a former Marine turned MMA fighter and an equally kick butt heroine – literally. While I have read three other stories by this author (and I have yet to post my reviews for two of them #fail), this is by far the most sensual and probably her best work.What I loved about this story was that the author not only chose a hero and heroine from different backgrounds – one rich, one poor - but also a different herita [...]

    8. First off.I LOVE this cover!! The book starts off with a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the characters. I wasn't really sure what Ally or Ryan's story was~especially Ryan. Then there was Ally's father that was in prison and the mention of her estranged brother. As the story progressed these questions were answered and an interesting and entertaining story unfolded with a hero and heroine that I wanted so desperately to get their HEA. I loved the concept of this story with both Ryan and [...]

    9. **Review copy courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review**Ranae Rose is a new author, to me, and after reading Battered Not Broken, I think she's going to do pretty well!Let me be honest - The first thing I noticed about this book was the cover image. Really, I didn't read the blurb, I didn't know anything about it. All I saw was the hunk on the cover and I begged Kindle Gal (kindlesandwine) to let me read this one! LOL! I wasn't disappointed. There were some things that I didn't lo [...]

    10. Battered not Broken by Ranae Rose was a sizzling contemporary romance about two incredibly different people who have been battered by life’s traumas, feeling discouraged and alone, yet throughout the story, endeavoured to rediscover hope, meaning, purpose and love. Worldly wise, heartrending Ally Rivera, was a passionate, self contained young woman. From a sickening incident in her teens, her family core had been shattered beyond repair. Ally was crippled by guilt. Survivor’s guilt. Carrying [...]

    11. Battered not Broken is an adult themed story that follows the rocky relationship between Ryan Moore and Ally Rivera. Warning, this book is NC17, intended for mature audiences due to some intense violence and gritty love scenes.Ryan Moore is an Iragi War Veteran struggling to make a life for himself in the "real world" after his short stint in the military left him with a brain injury from and IED. Determined not to accept the assistance his wealthy family offers, that comes with strings attached [...]

    12. 3.5 stars. A light minimal angst read with some nice sex scenes and fight scenes. Ryan is a rich ex marine MMA fighter and Ally also a fighter but has her own family issues. Together this was a great basis for a good storyline, unfortunately I didn't feel the connection between the two characters.

    13. Ally Rivera’s father is in jail. She works with her mother at a salon as a nail technician and avoids her brother who is number 2 in in a local gang. She also does amateur female fights every other Saturday. It is while working out at the local MMA gym she meets hunky Ryan Moore. The former marine is trying to rebuild his life after being processed out of the Marines after an injury from an IED makes him unfit for duty. He has come back physically enough to fight competitively but still suffer [...]

    14. I'm conflicted on how to rate this book. There was so much potential for this story but so many issues were either glossed over or never fully developed to the point that I was skimming just to finish. Ryan and Ally were very likeable and had great chemistry. Unfortunately I wish there would have been more time focused on Ryan's back story with his family and military life. I felt like I was missing a huge part of who Ryan was by not knowing more about him. Ally was very sweet and I really liked [...]

    15. I have to say I loved book. Ranae Rose wrote a wonderful story about an Ryan MMA fighter/former marine who's was injured in afganistanand unseen. There is spicy sex,ups and downs and serious notes that bring attention to TBI's and how they affect not only the marine but their partner. The story line is full and brings two people who are very guarded together.It takes a strong asskicking woman to be parterned with the hero in this book and I think that Ally fills that part wonderfully. As as Mari [...]

    16. This book was well written and I can never turn down a Marine. It just lacked steam for me. There was sex scenes but for me the scenes felt so mechanical. Ryan was hot but I didn't feel the emotion from him. It just left me feeling like they went through the emotions of being in a relationship but I didn't feel the fire or the love. I ended up feeling bored. Ryan earned the 3 stars from me just for the car, the tattoos and for being a fighter as well as a Marine.

    17. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for a man with tattoos so once I found out Mr. Ryan here had one that's all it took for me to fall in love with the man. "It's just look, mom." Repressing a sigh, Ally did her best to infuse her words with as much dryness as possible. "He's not anything special - he seems like a smartass, and his back is covered in tattoos." He's a determined little shit, once that boy's mind is made up that's it, "I know Friday night must've freaked you out. And it's nic [...]

    18. Ryan is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who was discharged from the Marines after taking damage from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED)in Afghanistan. He suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that is known for causing sudden and extreme migraines.Ally is also a MMA fighter that lives with her mother and works in her aunts nail salon. Her brother is the #2 in a local gang and her dad is in prison. She does really well in trying to understand what Ryan is going through and tries to supp [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book as a giveaway prize and once I finished it, I went right out and bought Rough Around the Edges as well. I enjoyed reading both stories in succession to get both Ally's and Ryan's POV of the same events. I liked Ally- she was a strong heroine, and although she was a little skittish of Ryan, she had her reasons for it which are perfectly understandable when they are explained. I also liked that, although it affected her, she didn't let it rule her life and she gave R [...]

    20. Battered Not Broken has a powerful storyline. Two damaged souls finding peace in one another always makes for a riveting story. From the start the MMA fighting is a intense twist that I thoroughly enjoyed. As the story deepens I was regretful to find some of the power waned as the story progressed. Ryan and Ally definitely need one another, but the story build seemed to be a little careless. I was not certain on where we were going, and what I was to be looking for to point me in a direction. Th [...]

    21. Oh I truly loved this book, it was so much drama and with the emotional status on the relationship with Ryan and Ally; but also Ally was so strong to help Ryan with his PTSD and how she was so alive and didn't worry about herself but to others. Ally was the Rock in this Book, she was taking everyone's problem as her own without asking nothing in return. But when Ryan stepped up to the plate; That man was strong and continue to be there through thick and thin even though he was going through his [...]

    22. I liked this book it was told from Ally's POV. And there is another book out told from Ryan's POV. I need to get it. I'd like to know what he was thinking when he turned into a douche bag and hid out in his apartment for so long.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FAVORITE QUOTES"Some trophy girlfriend I'll make with my arm in this sling."He shrugged, raising his own injured arm. "We match.""yeah, we match like a pair of cracked salt and pepper shakers match.""I'll take that. IT makes me look a little less p [...]

    23. A bit slow in the beginning, but picks up about half way thru. No major angst, a bit of heart break, and love all over.If you're not into MMA fighting then be warned. Ranae Rose went into details of an MMA fight a few times. Blood was of course spilled and the after effects too.I loved how the Ally, the female lead stayed as strong as she could. And Ryan, the male main character finally swallowed his pride to take care of who he loved, while still keeping this pride and who he is intact.I would [...]

    24. 3-1/2 stars. This is one of those books that I desperately wanted to love, but didn't quite get there. Don't gets wrong; I liked it very much. It was a good book with nice character depth and a constantly moving story. BUT. Each time I was sucked into the plot, there would be some inconsistent dialogue or action that pulled me out of the scene. :0( This is definitely an author I want to read more of

    25. This one is probably more like 3.5 stars, but i just couldn't give it all 4. The beginning was a little slow, and then the ending was kind of abrupt, and a lot of interesting things brought up earlier in the story don't really get any closure. The author seems to know a lot about MMA, and the descriptions of the fighting are very detailed. Ryan and Ally are a sweet couple, and it's nice to watch their relationship develop - they have instant chemistry, but not insta-love.

    26. Ryan Moore is an ex-Marine, who is suffering from TBI.Ally Rivera is an amateur female MMA fighter with a past.That's all I can really say about this book.Okay I'm not exactly sure how this book goes.I wasn't really feeling it. I can never turn down a military-related book, but for some reason I was kinda putting off in reading rest of this book. It took me four days to finish it and I skimmed through most of it. I really don't know what to say.

    27. I have to say to start with that I really enjoyed this book x most books I read are about the mma fighter being rich and arrogant so to have both characters as fighters and struggling with every day life on a normal level made me enjoy it more x the only thing was is I thought the characters could of been explored more, more about there pasts not just skimming over them

    28. What an intriguing story about two struggling people who aren't afraid to fight for what truly matters!Full review in March 2013 issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    29. I really liked the beginning and the idea. For once, the heroin is not some weak poor woman but a MMA fighter too. However, their relationship went way too fast and the story didn't evolve fast enough. I couldn't get into it and gave up at 40% of the book. Sadly too. :(

    30. 4.5 stars!!!This is the second book from this author I've read and I love them both. The TBI and PTSD that was addressed in this book was well done and needed. It didn't go deep at all, but wasn't glossed over and it was brought out in the open. Will definitely be reading more of Ranae's work.

    31. Both were attracted to one another from the start, both have deep issues with their families, and how they dealt with those issues. Ryan was so damn sweet doing the things he did just to keep Ally safe.

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