Whispers Along the Rails

Whispers Along the Rails Olivia Mott finds herself juggling two jobs her assistant chef position at Hotel Florence and her undercover work for the Pullman Rail Car Company Olivia thinks the suggestions she relays to Pullman s

  • Title: Whispers Along the Rails
  • Author: Judith McCoy Miller
  • ISBN: 9780764202773
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Olivia Mott finds herself juggling two jobs her assistant chef position at Hotel Florence and her undercover work for the Pullman Rail Car Company Olivia thinks the suggestions she relays to Pullman s town manager are being used to improve conditions for workers and save the company money, but is something much sinister happening behind the scenes Several months havOlivia Mott finds herself juggling two jobs her assistant chef position at Hotel Florence and her undercover work for the Pullman Rail Car Company Olivia thinks the suggestions she relays to Pullman s town manager are being used to improve conditions for workers and save the company money, but is something much sinister happening behind the scenes Several months have passed since Lady Charlotte fled to Chicago, leaving her infant son in Olivia s care Now Charlotte s money has run out A kindly woman offers her a place to live and secures her a position at Marshall Field s store, but Charlotte s heart can t forget the past Dare she return to Pullman to find out what happened to her baby

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    2 thoughts on “Whispers Along the Rails

    1. Judith McCoy Miller is an award winning author whose avid research and love for history are reflected in her bestselling novels Judy and her husband make their home in Topeka, Kansas.

    2. Whispers Along the Rails is the sequel to In The Company of Secrets. The book begins roughly four to five months after the close of the first book. Olivia Mott, the heroine-and-narrator of the first book, is ready to begin her new duties for the Pullman company. She'll be traveling--in disguise, not letting anyone know she works or lives in Pullman--and taking notes on the service she receives. The first book saw the crumbling of Olivia's courtship with Fred DeVault. The second book sees it slow [...]

    3. So I got sucked in the second book on the series, like a bad TV marathon, you are just to lazy to change the channel on a bad weather day. This books gets 2 stars, for the brief glimpses in the history of my most favorite late great department store-MARSHALL FIELDS!!! I never knew it started at a women's only store. I mean the state street store is a square city block.Well, what has happen to the characters? Olivia got some brain cells, and bible teaching. She knows finally Samuel Howard is inte [...]

    4. I somehow forgot about how Bethany House likes to end books in a series with utterly NO resolution whatsoever, sigh. Oh, well.I didn't really care for Olivia that much - she was kind of spineless. I really, really disliked Fred and found it hard to root for them when he was actively looking for ways to distrust her. Olivia had promise, though, and I'd love to see her end up with Matthew.Charlotte was my favorite character of all. She was *awesome.* I will track down book three purely for reading [...]

    5. DefInitely an intriguing addition to this series.Library notice received this lovely is on its way to my branch!

    6. The story is about two girls, one is Charlotte and the other is Olivia, who ran away from England to come to America. Olivia lives in Pullman and is an assistant chef at Hotel Florence. At times she is undercover with the Pullman Palace Car Company finding out if there are ways the company could be saving money. Charlotte is down on her luck living in Chicago and ends up living with Mrs. Priddle and eventually working at Marshall Fields. In the story both girls find out that things are not as th [...]

    7. book 2, Whispers along the rails, of the series -Postcards from Pullman. Olivia Mott turns out to be one feisty lady.

    8. Whispers Along the Rails is the second book in the Pullman Postcard series by Judith Miller. It is a wonderful read that I would highly recommend to youth. I feel young female readers will enjoy this book and learn moral and historical lessons from its pages. The author pulls you through the story and as a reader you truly care for the characters. I hope to read this series with a daughter someday because it could lead to excellent discussions of choices, of how binding lies can become, maturity [...]

    9. Currently reading: I found the writing better in this one, more elequamt or discriptive or something, but the "holes" in the story are still bugging me. The only problem that I had with this book is the way that Olivia doesn't deter one of her suitors very actively. The book says that she did nothing to provoke his devotion to her, but it never shows her responding negatively much at all, as if she doesn't notice. It's like if someone saw a fly had landed on your shoulder (I'm making this up) an [...]

    10. Olivia Mott receives a job working for the railroad that she is told is to find ways to save the company money. But is something more sinister going on behind the scenes? Olivia is also trying to mend her relationship with her old friend Fred DeVaut, but how can they overcome the barriers and misunderstandings that bar their path. I enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant read with a pretty good(if somewhat predictable) plot. The only real problem with this book was the authors portrayal of evil ca [...]

    11. Too bad the author didn't think appropriate to answer ALL the unfinished business from the first book - you'll have to buy the next and the next to put a knot at the end of your stitching. Took 2 stars off. One for the soap opera kind of book and the other for the heroine to not be able to see what's going on around her. If she's smart enough to travel from England to America, find a job and take care of her mistress, she's smart enough to know not everyone likes the way Mr. Pullman organized hi [...]

    12. The story of Olivia Mott and the town of Pullman continues. Olivia has settled into her job as assistant to Chef Rene when Mr. Howard assigns her to go out on the trains and spy for the company. Although she'd rather stay in the hotel kitchen, Olivia fears losing her job if she doesn't do as she's told.The relationship between Olivia and Fred heats up as trust is rebuild. But the town's troubles are also heating up and with so many uncertainties, their future is far from settled.Lady Charlotte f [...]

    13. I just picked this off the shelf at the library, and it was an enjoyable fast read. I'm now going to read the first book in the series to find out what exactly happened to bring Olivia and Charlotte to the places they are at when the book begins.I like the fact that Miller does not recap what happened in the first book, so that I'm really interested to know how everything came about. I also can't wait to see how things wrap up in the third and final book of the series since Miller left us at suc [...]

    14. 'Whispers Along the the Rails' is the sequel to 'In the company of Secrets' in the late 1800's. Olivia Mott has taken two jobs: Assistant Chef in the hotel and under cover for the Pullman Rail Car Company. Charlotte leaves Chicago and leaves her new born baby with Olivia. This novel has a good lesson on how one lie leads to other lies and where does it stop, there are lessons on maturity, love and marriage. There is history on the growth of Chicago and how fast it grew and the town of Pullman. A [...]

    15. I am enjoying this series more and more as it progresses. We continue to follow all the character from the first book, and have added some colorful new ones who have spiced up things. It is great to see the spiritual journeys each are traversing at varying rates. Though all sins are released as soon as forgiveness is requested and no more will be counted against, internal forgiveness takes different amounts of time. Miller gives a fair representation of how difficult it is to forgive oneself and [...]

    16. This is the second installment of the Postcards from Pullman series. I didn't realize it till after I started reading and kept thinking I was missing some pieces. Now, I will have to find the first and the third to figure them out. A young assistant chef is picked to help the Pullman industry to figure out how to make the rail cars employees more efficient and to save money; however not all is what it should be.

    17. A good, quick read!I enjoyed this second installment better than the first! It had more of an exciting storyline and I feel like all of the characters developed their personalities in this part of the story! The religious undertones were a bit much fort me but I guess it goes with the time in which the story is set. I'm looking forward to the conclusion in the final book of this trilogy!

    18. It was an okay book. I'm glad the author incorporated Charlotte and her story in this book and I liked the new characters. It would have been really boring if she didn't add them. I got tired of Olivia (main character) and Samuel Howard going back and forth. Olivia was very annoyed by him throughout the first and second book and it got tiring hearing her comment about him. Overall, it's still a good book.

    19. Another excellent read by Judith Miller! I was so excited to see how this second book would go and now I'm even more anxious to read the ending that will come with book 3! I won't go into detail about the story, as that would give away details that happen in #1 (In the Company of Secrets), but I will say that this series is every bit as good and better than I was hoping!

    20. Enjoyed the continued storyI enjoyed seeing Charlotte mature and become a child ofGod. The history of Pullman's very interesting, and I could very well see Olivia believing her duties riding the rail to be just as she was told. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves history and Christian values. But recommend reading the books in order.

    21. Three book series: Some interesting characters, enjoyed learning about the era and the Pullman community. Seemed to drag on in places, then other portions with potentially interesting action skipped over completely. The ending was rushed and wrapped up in a unfortunate way. Not the best in Christian romantic fiction.

    22. Olivia and Charlotte both have a change of heart, but find out that it doesn't erase past circumstances and choices made in their early days in America. A newfound faith in God will be tested as they move forward, facing new challenges. This series has peaked my curiousity about Pullman- both the man and the town he created.

    23. Very enjoyableI'm enjoying this series, learning how Olivia grows and deals with life is very good, she hasn't been left in the easiest situation.with Fred's coolness and Mr.Howard's continued advances pulling her away from Pullman, life is not easy Mr howard will stop at nothing to cause a bigger rift between Fred and Olivia, even to deceive her about a new position

    24. This is the second of a trilogy and I am enjoying the development of character, the historical background, insight into the need for and development of unions, and explanation of Pullman. This author does a good job of writing a historical novel that is interesting, educational, and enjoyable. Now on to #3

    25. I was interested in what was going to happen next. The best thing about the book was that it made me want to find out more about the real place. I will find the third book just because I hate these cliff hangers. I prefer books where there is a resolution at the end, yet still allows for sequels (or prequels for that matter).

    26. Can't Believe One Person Can Be So Naive'!At first I ignorantly didn't realize this was an ongoing saga; once I did, I settled in and said "okay, now let's see where this story takes us". I really think it kind of drags in some places, but I remain hopeful that Olivia will stop being so naive.

    27. The naivete of Olivia is still a little hard to swallow, but her further adventures are believable and interesting. Even more interesting is the transformation of Lady Charlotte into a decent and thoughtful woman. Hopefully in the next book Olivia and her beau will finally start being honest and discover that they love each other.

    28. Overall I enjoyed the book. I agree with other readers, however, I became to dislike Fred a lot. He was so accusatory, I don't understand why Olivia would still like him when he was mean to her at every turn. I liked Charlotte's story. It was fun. It was just a fun interesting read.

    29. unions Not sure how close this novel is to true history, but I've always found a good story line makes learning easier. Power struggles, deceit and ends justifying means are throughout this part of the series.

    30. ApexIn the second book of this trilogy things start coming together. The whole thing builds to a major turning point for the people of Pullman. I can't wait to read the third book to see what happens.

    31. i really enjoyed this 2nd book of the postcards from pullman series. im going to read the first one also. and then it left off so u would want to know what happens to all the characters. i liked the little turns the author made. good read.

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