Eustace Poor Eustace is not very well Convalescing in bed his world is confined to the four walls of his grand and gloomy room His days are spent in wild imaginings punctuated by the occasional visit from h

  • Title: Eustace
  • Author: S.J. Harris Steve Harris
  • ISBN: 9780224093583
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poor Eustace is not very well Convalescing in bed, his world is confined to the four walls of his grand and gloomy room His days are spent in wild imaginings, punctuated by the occasional visit from his mother and a legion of Aunties, who fuss and smother Eustace.But then his wicked uncle arrives in a cloud of pipe smoke, accompanied by a swelling cast of prostitutes, hoPoor Eustace is not very well Convalescing in bed, his world is confined to the four walls of his grand and gloomy room His days are spent in wild imaginings, punctuated by the occasional visit from his mother and a legion of Aunties, who fuss and smother Eustace.But then his wicked uncle arrives in a cloud of pipe smoke, accompanied by a swelling cast of prostitutes, hoodlums, drunkards and assorted hangers on Suddenly Eustace finds himself transformed from invalid to the star of a glittering and decadent social scene, serving drinks and holding court from his enormous bed That is, until his Uncle s past begins to catch up with himEustace is blackly comic, surreal and exquisitely rendered It marks the debut of a brilliant new graphic novelist.

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    2 thoughts on “Eustace

    1. S J Harris is a cartoonist and writer, and the author of the long running web comics Paper Cuts and Eustace, both published on H2G2 under the pseudonym spimcoot Eustace is his first full length graphic novel.

    2. I love graphic novels. I have loved them from the time I was introduced to them by a friend. Since then, I have not gone back on them. From Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series to Bill Willingham’s Fable Series, each graphic novel has been an experience in its own self and a unique one at that. I also believe that it is not easy to write a graphic novel. It is not that simple to say what you want to through pictures and characters that have to be spot on, since this is not a novel in its true form. [...]

    3. A beautifully ugly novel. Eustace is a sickly 8 year old, plagued by elderly relatives cooing and mooning over his convalescence as he laments his poor digestion with alternately cheery and gloomy asides to the reader.The tone is handled masterfully. The breezy monologues, dialogues, pin-sharp speech patterns, and free-wheeling scenes gradually take the strain of a growing sense of dread as some relatives prove relatively morally flexible. But throughout, the pencilled artistry and subtle letter [...]

    4. I really liked the character of Eustace in this dark, heavy graphic novel. As a bed-ridden eight year old, he was a compelling and funny narrator. Although the book was upsetting from the start - Eustace is a lonely and isolated young man - it becomes increasingly more odd and jarring as his great uncle Lucy arrives on the scene and brings his own chaotic life with him. I get why the story unravelled as it did, but this wasn't explained until the end and that felt too late. I'd have settled for [...]

    5. A sick child gets a number of odd visitors.I found this graphic novel a bit weird and the story didn’t seem to go anywhere.

    6. The best way I can describe this book is as an odd mash-up of Roald Dahl, Shirley Jackson, Neil Gaiman, and Tim Burton. It's dark and macabre, yet whimsical and humorous all at once. The first words spoken by the main character, Eustace--"I'm listening to the cats devouring the birds outside."--set the tone perfectly.Eustace is a very sickly little boy whose entire world, virtually, exists within the walls of his bedroom, yet he dreads having to see the majority of the people who come to visit h [...]

    7. Eustace is an odd book; a very odd book. The ugly drawings intrigued me, as did the scrawled words in pencil. However, after a while it became clear that this story was going one wayDOWNHILL. It was quite insipid, I found. Not impressed by the plot and the drawings got to be a bit annoying after a while - as did the handwriting.

    8. Eustace is a very strange graphic novel. The drawings are amazing, macabre, crude, and captivating. The novel itself is interesting, confusing, and dark. Once finished, you ask the question, "What in the world did I just read?" I still have no idea.

    9. Quite weird reading experience. I didn't think I would like the art, but it's really beautiful and something really fascinating so it was impossible for me not to like it. The story was a bit fucked up and at the end I just had to pause and think what the hell just happened.

    10. Excellently written and fascinatingly drawn - one to check out. The talents of someone who can not only write a great tale but DRAW it too are enough to fill one with awe. Well done S J Harris.

    11. The art work in this graphic novel was very beautiful and i loved the style of the characters faces especially. But outside this i found the actual story very lacking and mostly pointless. It didn't have much plot and the second half of the book definitely went down hill for me.

    12. Eight-year-old Eustace is a very sickly boy. Confined to bed through some unknown malady, he whiles his life away dreading the thin reedy soup (the only thing he can keep down); avoiding the affections of his innumerable aunts; and chatting to us, his imaginary strangers. He used to have imaginary friends, but then they were mean to him in the park, so he stopped speaking to them.Were the struggle to just survive not such an occupation, the oddities of his life would give him much to tell us abo [...]

    13. I have read a lot of Graphic Novels. 'Eustace' was something, I had not experienced before. After the first couple of slow chapters I thought ‘this is not too bad, but it will be an atypical story where we are suppose to feel for the child and be devastated and sad as he passes away.’ However the books second half takes off into this absurd but entertaining tale of debauchery and vice which Eustace finds himself trapped in. It really is surreal and entertaining and to find out that in some a [...]

    14. This was absolutely insane. I think I liked it, but I'm a little overwhelmed and bit unsure.First off, I absolutely loved the art style. I'm not a big fan of the typical 'comic' style so this was something different, though I will say (and it may just be me) I found it hard to identify some of the characters in the drawings and got a little confused, but it was easy to piece together from the text.It was also really messed up. Luckily, I love messed up stories so I enjoyed how weird and eccentri [...]

    15. What a strange graphic novel. I really liked the first half but then everything went downhill very fast and I found the story very difficult to follow. The art is quite beautiful and unique but I didn't really like the writing style, it made everything more confusing. I was going to give it at least 3 stars but then after reading the end I can't really give it more than 2.

    16. This was such a beautiful graphic novel! The first half is pretty stationary, plot-wise, but the second half takes on things like prostitution and drugs and I can't believe the author threw an 8-year-old boy into his as our narrator. His family dynamic is depressing: his parents pay no attention, his aunties come and visit bringing bullies in the form of cousins, and his uncle is a con artist/pimp who basically wants to open a brothel out of Eustace's bedroom. Of course, because Eustace is eight [...]

    17. One of the best graphic novels I've read in a while: beautiful, disgusting, horrific, immoral, heartbreaking, hilarious. It's like all the best stuff from Burton, Dahl, Dickens, Gorey, Hertzfeldt, Kafka, and Gogol. It is astoundingly absurd and extremely clever. The art is whimsical and black and perfect (I especially like the lettering decisions and the use of white space and incomplete drawings for transitions). I also appreciate the pacing and the dialogue, though I wish this was much longer [...]

    18. Eustace is a sickly child, confined to his bed, and constantly having to suffer visits from a horde of Aunties. One day his Uncle Lucy (Lucien) sneaks into his room and sets up home there to hide from the police. I really enjoyed the first half of this book: Eustace talks directly to the reader and his observations about life and illness are darkly hilarious. As the story began to descend into chaos, however, I became less interested. Read my full review on my blog:50ayear/2016/08/13/gra

    19. I requested this based on the description- but I was nervous when I actually saw the drawing style. It's that somewhat crude pencil-drawing that can be really bad or quite fine. This proved to be the latter. The story is interesting and dream-like and I found quite a few of Eustace's interactions to be entirely too relatable. I would say that this is worth a perusal- not for anyone who might be offended by nudity or language or who think this is going to be a child's story. :)

    20. Odd delicately drawn comic about an invalid child around WW2 who often lives in his mind,until his criminal Uncle Lucy and cohorts decide to hide from the law under his bed, and turn his room into something less savoury than illness, tho for a while this lets Eustace live a more socialble 'normal' life.

    21. This was totally a cover buy.Oh my the story is simple to begin with but as one gets more and more in to the book it becomes somewhat stranger and stranger.I Like the graphics and the colours used. But have found it a slow-ish read.Not something I would recommend to a person just starting to read Graphic Novels. Was it just me but that ending was weird.

    22. II'm not sure what I just read, but whatever it was, I really enjoyed it. I think this is a book where the reader decides what truly is going on with Eustace instead of ever being told, which is a refreshing change of pace.

    23. This book started strong, but faded as it went. I liked the drawings. They were crude and ugly, but that made them interesting. The story got ridiculous toward the end and the resolution, if you could call it that, was bizarre and not in a good way.

    24. That was a wild ride! I didn't care for some of the subject matter especially involving a child but other than that the story was interesting and kept me reading. The artwork was unique and depicted the characters well.

    25. A confusingly ugly and strange book, that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. I will be look out for more works from this author.

    26. A putrid nightmare rendered perfectly in grotesque pencil. It's certainly not for the squeamish, but the black humor elevates it to some pretty surreal places.

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