Secretos peligrosos

Secretos peligrosos Como bibliotecaria de un peque o pueblo Charity Prewitt jam s so conocer y enamorarse de un hombre como Nicholas Ames un encantador y atractivo millonario que un buen d a apareci en su vida y la cam

  • Title: Secretos peligrosos
  • Author: Lisa Marie Rice Nieves Calvino Gutiérrez
  • ISBN: 9788492415502
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Como bibliotecaria de un peque o pueblo, Charity Prewitt jam s so conocer y enamorarse de un hombre como Nicholas Ames, un encantador y atractivo millonario que un buen d a apareci en su vida y la cambi por completo.Nick es poderoso, sensual, el hombre perfecto Sabe qu decir y d nde tocar para lograr que la joven alcance nuevas y ardientes cotas de placer Nunca anteComo bibliotecaria de un peque o pueblo, Charity Prewitt jam s so conocer y enamorarse de un hombre como Nicholas Ames, un encantador y atractivo millonario que un buen d a apareci en su vida y la cambi por completo.Nick es poderoso, sensual, el hombre perfecto Sabe qu decir y d nde tocar para lograr que la joven alcance nuevas y ardientes cotas de placer Nunca antes la pudorosa y decente Charity se acost con un perfecto desconocido, pero ahora nada podr impedirlo.Sin embargo, Nick Ames no es lo que aparenta ser En realidad es un agente encubierto de alto nivel que no dudar en mentir, seducir, traicionar incluso matar, si es necesario, por el bien de la misi n.Y esta vez su misi n es Charity Prewitt.

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      286 Lisa Marie Rice Nieves Calvino Gutiérrez
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    1. Lisa Marie Rice is eternally 30 years old and will never age She is tall and willowy and beautiful Men drop at her feet like ripe pears She has won every major book prize in the world She is a black belt with advanced degrees in archaeology, nuclear physics, and Tibetan literature She is a concert pianist Did I mention her Nobel Prize Of course, Lisa Marie Rice is a virtual woman and exists only at the keyboard when writing erotic romance She disappears when the monitor winks off.

    2. 3.9 Stars - sweet, funny and a very good reading as always with a L.M Rice novelLisa Marie Rice's contemporary romances with a touch of suspense always makes me happy and they suits me perfectly as reading between other more demanding stories. I know what I get - just what I want! This is the second book in the Dangerous series of three stand alone novels with new lovebirds in each book. I liked/loved both the first (Dangerous Lover) and third (Dangerous Passion) book.# In a LMR novel is it usua [...]

    3. Wow! This book was steamy, intense, suspenseful, romantic, and oh-so-satisfying! I didn't want it to end, yet I was desperate to find out what would happen! And then I wanted to read it all over again! Lisa Marie Rice never lets me down--each book is even better than the previous one. And this book was no exception. This book had the sexiest, most intense love scenes, all without anything too graphic or out there. I don't know how she does it, but the intense passion that she was able to convey [...]

    4. This was another enjoyable read by LMR. Strangely enough, Nick and Charity were my least favorite H/h by this author so far, even though this wasn't my least favorite book.I don't know, I got the impression that Nick wasn't as uncomfortable as he should have been about lying to Charity and, quite frankly, he should have never agreed to let her pull that stunt in the villain's mansion before all hell broke loose - especially if you consider that he knew she wasn't a good liar and couldn't be expe [...]

    5. Finally, a new book by Lisa Marie Rice and another for my "favorites" bookshelf. This author knows how to weave a good story with fantastic characters, toss in some good suspense and mix in some steamy scenes. I don't believe this qualifies as an erotic read, but more sensuous in nature. The intimacy was hot mainly in the feelings of the characters not in the graphic details. It was well done. This author has a nice style of writing. She does more than pluck down a few words. For instance, when [...]

    6. Nick is undercover in a small town in Vermont. He is trying to bring down a Russian mob leader. Part of this plan includes getting close to Charity, a good friend to the bad guy. The bad guy is delusional and also thinks that Charity is his reincarnated dead wife. She of course has no idea that the bad guy is a bad guy at all. Charity is a librarian in town, and leads a very quiet life. She has no family aside from her elderly aunt and uncle, whom she looks after. Nick ends up bedding Charity— [...]

    7. Dangerous Secrets is one of the best romantic suspense books that I have read in quite awhile. That is saying alot, as I have been fortunate enough to read numerous really good ones lately. This book included everything I could have wanted in this type of novel - wonderful characters, an engrossing and suspenseful storyline, and an intense passion that turned into an enchanting romance. I was almost immediately captivated with this story, and was kept enthralled throughout the book. I loved the [...]

    8. Lisa Marie Rice can write the hell out of a story!!"Dangerous Secrets" is her new release and her fans will not be disappointed. She's done an excellent job of making the jump to a big publishing house without losing her trademark steam.Charity is a small town librarian who sacrificed her dreams to tend to her failing, elderly aunt and uncle who ended up raising her after the traumatic death of her parents. She's stunned and thrilled when a wealthy, handsome businessman turns up in her small tow [...]

    9. Ok, normally I have to go into reading a LMR book with a certain level of suspension of disbelief.However, this one took the biscuit!The typical LMR male and female lead, with the typical Instant love/attraction and the same sex scenes over and over.However, and this is where it got too much into the realm of impossibility for me (view spoiler)[ We are meant to believe they meet on the 18th November, start a relationship, get married a few days later, he for some reason fakes his own death, she [...]

    10. Maybe its just me, but I wasn't blown away by this one. I did enjoy the main characters and story, and the romance was certainly hot. My biggest issue is that I have trouble with any book that forces a full scale romance into just a few days. In short, the timeline of how and when things happen moved at hyperspeed to the point of unrealistic, which drives me nuts in romance novels. I also found the bad guy's obsession with Charity a bit over the top, but it worked. There really is a lot to love [...]

    11. The fact that it took me weeks to finish this is a good indication of how much this book didn't work for me. :(

    12. 4.5 stars. Hot lustful sex scenes, no kinkiness, a fluffy read. Undercover agent protects delicate heroine from someone evilORY BRIEF:Vassily is a famous Russian novelist who spent years in a Soviet prison camp. He is now wealthy and recently moved to a small town in Vermont. Vassily becomes good friends with Charity the local librarian. She moved to this town to care for her elderly aunt and uncle. Nick is an undercover agent for Homeland Security. He suspects Vassily is involved in terrorist a [...]

    13. The prologue hooked me immediately. Promising one heck of a story, and indeed it was a great improvement from the first book in this series.Especially in the heroine-personality department. Although, Charity struck me as too naive - she lived in a freaking fairy-tale world where everybody was good and the Russian millionaire that suddenly appeared in her home town with obvious issues (feverish eyes, getting her name wrong etc.) and surrounded by an army of thugs was of course simply a great writ [...]

    14. Well, more 3.5 than 4 but it's for encouragement.Okay, it seems there is a pattern here. In this second book, the hero is an insensitive (so he seems) alpha and the heroine is a little TSLT, again.I find the the heroines of this series are really a bit too naive. They trust everyone and they have sex with a stranger man unbelievable, IMO.But, all in all, this new installment is better than the previous one. We find that the heroine has some backbone and the hero is secretly sweet as a marshmallo [...]

    15. My thoughtswell, I definitely liked Dangerous Secrets better than Dangerous Lover. I connected much better to Nick and Charity than I did the H/h from DL. I felt more emotionally connected to these two and felt myself get a little teary-eyed when Charity suffered.I like that the epilogue in this one was so much better. It wasn't long but helped close up the story with a glimpse into their future. This was a fast and enjoyable read. A hot alpha male who is very protective of his woman. I like it. [...]

    16. A very good book. I liked this one better then the first one. There is a great plot, steamy sex and romance. Could not put it down.

    17. Sexy, sweet and seductive are the perfect words to explain Dangerous Secrets and author Lisa Marie Rice who writes some of the best alpha male heroes in romance. Nicholas Ames is a rich stockbroker who starts to woo the local town librarian. Actually, Nick is a former Delta operator on an undercover mission. He is really Nick Ireland a.k.a. the Iceman who must befriend and even seduce Charity because she is best friends with Vassily Worontzoff, a Russian immigrant who has acclaim as a world reno [...]

    18. I was really disappointed. Rice's books are usually pretty dead-on for me, whereas this one didn't really have any moments or chemistry that I was able to get into. Charity was a good person, but not all that interesting as a character; lost her parents when she was young, spent some time recovering from an injury, would like to travel but is trapped in her hometown because her uncle and aunt are infirm. A very good person, but she was just so serene, well-adjusted, compassionate, and intelligen [...]

    19. Dangerous Secrets es el segundo libro de los tres que componen la trilogia creada por Lisa Marie Rice llamada Dangerous y narra la historia de Nick y Charity.Este segundo libro me gusto mucho mas que su antecesor, no solo porque me parecio mas complejo sino porque el final si que fue de mi agrado, no como el de Dangerous Lover que me parecio demasiado abierto, ademas la relacion de Charity y Nick me parecio mejor llevada que la de Jack y Caroline.Lo que mas me gusta de las lecturas de la autora [...]

    20. This is my first book by the author. Since I don't know what to expect, I tamper my expectation moderately. I'm glad I did because I like it more than I thought I would. I like the characters a lot. They're the polar opposite of one another but that's what makes their attraction so sexy and endearing.The flow of the story bothers me a bit though. It would described what the characters are doing and then some background story (justification is more of an appropriate term in some cases)popped in, [...]

    21. OMG, this may be the best LMR book I've read yet. (although I just LOVED Midnight Man and Dangerous Lover too) I was a twisted know of stress from about halfway through to the end! Love LMR's alpha males, and Nick was. ooooooh. he talked so dirty and I loved it! ***sigh***

    22. I really enjoyed this book immensely. LMR has a way of drawing the reader into the story immediately. She weaves a wonderful tale. This book's ending was perfect, unlike Dangerous Lover; this is how an epilog should be written. I believe she has another Dangerous book coming out soon. I look forward to reading it.

    23. Salgo in ritardo sul treno Lisa Marie Rice. Certo, il ritardo è solo di un romanzo, ma è pur sempre un ritardo. In genere io inizio le serie come Dio comanda, dal primo in progressione. Questa volta, invece, ho dovuto fare letteralmente i conti con il budget mensile, escludendo per forza di cose Amanti pericolosi uscito sempre con Leggereditore e depennare una nuova serie romantic suspance dalla mia lista della spesa. Ma questo era prima, e ora posso contare su un pusher molto generoso che mi [...]

    24. I would give this a zero if possible- no NEGATIVE STARS- if I could. Where to start? What a pitiful excuse for a pile of absolute, unquestionable excrement. I cannot fathom how the female population of the world tolerates such a monstrosity that has been inflicted upon it by this “book.” As I attempted to read this waste of ink on paper (god bless the tree that sacrificed itself for this), I was continually shocked by the amount of sheer grammatical errors contained within. Please Ms. Rice [...]

    25. I couldn't really get into it , there was this obstacle between me and the characters and I just couldn't get past that. Charity was really boring , she was too naive and seemed to live in another dimension , her character wasn't really interesting or believable , she felt flat. Nick wasn't likeable , he was too cold and calculating for me. The relationship between him and Charity was too superficial , there was something off with them being together , I just didn't feel it.(view spoiler)[ The p [...]

    26. DANGEROUS SECRETS by Lisa Marie Rice has librarian Charity Prewitt caught between two powerful men—one an undercover fed, the other head of the Russian mob operating in Vermont. She does not know about either one. She loves each for different reasons and in different ways. Which will she choose when the time comes?What a feisty heroine Charity is. She is not the stereotypical small town librarian. She is intelligent and outspoken. When Nick comes on to her she falls quickly but she, like the r [...]

    27. Librarian Charity Prewitt has her life comparmentalized, she works, she helps her Aunt and Uncle, and she spends her spare time helping others, what she doesn't have is much of a life outside of the commitments she has to others. Enter Nicholas Ames who walks into her library needing help, only to come back later and ask her out on a date. Ten days later she is head over heels in love, life couldn't get better for Charity or worseNick Ames is not who he has led Charity to believe, he is known as [...]

    28. I liked this one a lot more than i liked the first of this series. this time around the H/H seemed to really click. you also had not just one heck of a bad guy, but he was incredibly crazy to boot. as if being a terrorist, selling all sorts of illegal contraband, hiring killers, and running a mafia isn't enough he also thinks that a random girl in Vermont is his dead girlfriend reincarnated. being held and crippled in russian prison camps did make him slightly sympathetic. at least you can imagi [...]

    29. After re-reading Dangerous Lover (Avon Red) and liking it alot more than the first time around, I thought I'd give this one a try. I was a big fan of Lisa Marie Rice when she wrote for Ellora's Cave, but her first Avon Red title was a bit disappointing, although much better after a second reading. Unfortunately, Dangerous Secrets didn't measure up for me. The last third of the book was pretty great, but the first two-thirds dragged, the evil doers weren't that interesting, and the hero, although [...]

    30. Well this book wasn't so great. It was a really simple read with a few "f" and "c" words thrown into the mixd not much of a story. It takes place in the span of a week and includes a nuclear weapon heist, a meeting, dating, bedding, proposing and wedding of the main couple, a death of the main dude, a reincarnation (so to speak) of the main guy and a big huge shoot out.Not really my cup of tea.

    31. This one had a much much more developed plot and ending than the first book. However I felt nothing for the H/h at all. Charity is flat, dull and honestly way too naive. She's not quite TSTL but naive. Nick, what can I say except he wasn't for me. The plot development in this book but with Jack and Caroline from Dangerous Lover equal a good book.

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