Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse

Stone Song A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse Of all the great warriors of Native America Crazy Horse remains the most enigmatic Scorned from his childhood for his light hair he was a man who spurned the love of finery and honors so characteris

  • Title: Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse
  • Author: Win Blevins
  • ISBN: 9780765314970
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Of all the great warriors of Native America, Crazy Horse remains the most enigmatic Scorned from his childhood for his light hair, he was a man who spurned the love of finery and honors so characteristic of Lakota Sioux warriors Despite these differences, Crazy Horse led his people to their greatest victory at the Battle of the Little Big Horn where General Custer fellf all the great warriors of Native America, Crazy Horse remains the most enigmatic Scorned from his childhood for his light hair, he was a man who spurned the love of finery and honors so characteristic of Lakota Sioux warriors Despite these differences, Crazy Horse led his people to their greatest victory at the Battle of the Little Big Horn where General Custer fell.Crazy Horse s entire life was a triumph of the spirit In youth, Crazy Horse was set aside by his powerful vision of Rider, the spiritual expression of his future greatness, and by the passion and grief of his overwhelming love for a woman It was only in battle that his heart could find rest As his world crumbled, Crazy Horse managed to find his way in harmony with the age old wisdom of the Lakota and to beat the US Army on its own terms He lived, and died, his own man.

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    2 thoughts on “Stone Song: A Novel of the Life of Crazy Horse

    1. Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley courtesy of Open Road. Blevins’ novel traces the lift of Crazy Horse from young adult hood to his death. Unlike many writers, Blevins does not fall into the trap of making any one character or race too saintly or too demonized. When the reader first meets Crazy Horse, he isn’t called Crazy Horse, but Curly. He is trying to find his place not only in his tribe but within himself. This first section of the novel is not quite a coming of age story but more of a fe [...]

    2. Stone Song, designated a novel of the life of Crazy Horse, is much more than just a story of one man’s life. Author Win Blevins creates a feeling of campfires, as if we were all gathered around after a good meal and listening to him tell a story of a great warrior who lived long ago. The poetic nature of his words is enticing and haunting, making it easy to become lost in the story.Along the way, Mr. Blevins introduces a culture and religious beliefs, the world of Crazy Horse and the Lakotas. [...]

    3. Rarely has a book immersed me so fully into the story as Stone Song. Win Blevins is an incredible writer. The reader goes on the journey with His Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota, from puberty to his death, through the time of being a warrior to a captive. In each scene you feel you are there in the mountains, lodges, and battles, thus is Blevins remarkable ability for description, setting, and characterization. I mourned the losses and way of life for His Crazy Horse and his people. This was a per [...]

    4. THis is a fictional book aboutthe life of Crazy Horse. He was fairly secretive so alot of things are second had from others who survived him and some inference on Lakota mysticism. It dwells alot on that mysticism, what drove him to act the way he did, why he was The Strange Man, why he fought so hard and then came in to the reservation. I have read it 3 times and finished it again recently. I really enjoyed it this time through. It does have some adult scenes that the author ties to Crazy Horse [...]

    5. "Drum-on-His-Back and Crazy Horse had never heard anything like it. Instead of putting themselves on the side of great powers, the whites asked the powers to be on their side. Odd people, you could never understand them."A powerful biographical novel that puts the Native American Lakota beliefs and feelings front and center, as it should. I have trouble stomaching nonfiction, so I jumped at the opportunity to read a personable tale of Crazy Horse and the tragic slice of American History he lived [...]

    6. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.A well-written, highly researched portrait of His Crazy Horse, the Lakota warrior/chief. From his beginnings as an outcast of the tribe to his becoming a respected chief, Win Blevins has given us an inside look at not only Crazy Horse the man but at the whole Indian picture in the 1860s. From the ecstasies of the fight and the hunt to the ultimate betrayal by the whiteman, Crazy Horse maintained a dignity and honor to himself and hi [...]

    7. Win Blevins first published this story of Crazy Horse (or more properly, “His Crazy Horse”) back in 1995 and it has since become a must-read for those interested in the history of the Western US or of the Native American tribes of the 1800s.This is a biographical novel, meaning that the author describes historical events in as much detail and with as many facts as possible. But, of course, not everything is known and so the author must embellish where necessary and provide his best guess at [...]

    8. This is a wonderful, absorbing and thought provoking biographical novel of the life of His Crazy Horse, his people, the Oglala Lakota and the other tribes of Northern America as they all experience the changes brought about by the white Americans moving into their territory and changing their lifestyle and the landscape forever. Win Blevins deserves a Pulitzer for this incredible piece of writing! I have never read anything quite like this before and it was truly enlightening to hear this histor [...]

    9. Crazy Horse is one of those spectacular American heroes, but no one has ever captured the spiritual underpinnings of his life the way this book does. A "must read" for all fans of western, Native Americian, or historical fiction.

    10. Stone Song is a fascinating novel about the life of Crazy Horse. The author spent years studying the history of Crazy Horse before he thought he could render his story with enough understanding. His dedication shows. This is a very spiritual book, very violent in places, but Crazy Horse is a wonderful character to get to know. He was a powerful man of deep spiritual beliefs. Well worth a read.

    11. The author made this novel free for a limited time on Kindle, so I accepted the offer. This novel is dedicated to Crazy Horse and told from his perspective. I was skeptical about it until I learned about the author's extensive research, which took him years and included language studies. Crazy Horse is an enigmatic character, but Blevins constructs a narrative around historical fact that proceeds in a plausible way. I especially appreciated Blevins' exploration of Crazy Horse's magic. Larry McMu [...]

    12. Should be required reading For anyone interested in American/human history this is a must read. It may be a novel and the internal life of the characters is imagined and treated as a work of art but the bones of this novel rest on historical fact. What makes us human? This book makes you question that. Have we learned to treat each other with respect regardless of cultural background? What do we need to learn collectively as humanity to get there? What is missing from the way we are brought up a [...]

    13. Another book I had to read for my Native American class. This book was about Crazy Horse's life from birth until death. Although the book is technically fiction, a lot of it involved actual figures and events. I wasn't too crazy about this book, because I found parts of it boring and other parts a little overblown in its spirituality for lack of a better word. But I think anyone who's really interested in Crazy Horse or Native American life in the late 19th century should pick this book up.

    14. Ive been working on this book for a while now and im thinking im done with it. At least for a while. Now its not that im not enjoying it, in parts, but its like an upwards battle. It is incredibly hard to stay interested in this book, but im willing to give it another go later on but for right now i have to distance myself and read something else. I had high hopes and im not too impressed, but im not giving up yet!

    15. historial fiction: story of life of Crazy Horse from Crazy Horse's point of viewwarning: you'll never be able to look on MT Rushmore again without feeling a deep sorrow for how it desecrates holy land

    16. This book tells the story from the point of view of the native American tribes that lived in the Dakotas at the time the white men were taking land and mining the areas that had been their hunting grounds for decades. The story is of His Crazy Horse who lived by the old ways and had his vision at a very young age. He was a warrior, a fighter and also very spiritual. The story is poignant and very sad in places. This is a well researched story not told in the history books. It's not something tha [...]

    17. An Amazing ReadA combination of fact and fiction, woven by a learned author adds overall realism to this story Crazy Horse. In my personal search to learn more of our Native American History - I was drawn to Win Blevins novel "Stone Song." I was not disappointed. In fact I was enthralled by Win's ability to fill in the blanks that are often left by other biographies. It was like he was able to get inside the heart and mind of Crazy Horse as no "white man" has ever done. I already knew the basic [...]

    18. Very good book. I enjoyed reading about the Native Americans traditions and ways of life. It also taught me a few words of their vocabulary. The author did lots of research on the names in this book and other things. I also learned some things I did not know before like what certain marking on a horse or a Indian meant. Told by a young boy named Strange Man who was eager to grow up and receive a spirit guide. He was different then the others - he had lighter skin and sandy blonde hair . He also [...]

    19. An interesting, educational and enjoyable read about the life and times of Crazy Horse. His was a full life but far from easy or happy. He is most often remembered as one of the leaders of the Indians who defeated Custer in the Battle of the Little Bighorn. He grew up part of a free tribe living on the planes of south-central and southeast the intrusion of the White settlers, miners and soldiersd died alone, frustrated and unhappy as a prisoner on the reservation. Well written with go [...]

    20. A Riveting Story about His Crazy HorseHaving practiced and learned my way in Lakota ceremony for more than 25 years, reading those books recommended by Win Blevins many years ago and having visited Oglala Lakota country, I felt the part of an observer in that time throughout this book. Mr. Blevins' characterization of His Crazy Horse and his friends, relatives, and enemies is excellent. I recommend this book highly to anyone interested in this remarkable man and the time in which he lived.

    21. Absolutely marvelous Since I was a child I have always felt the Native Americans were wronged by the white Americans and always felt that Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were heroes and that Custer was the villain. As a white person I feel that should be more history of the Native Americans and I found this story utterly compelling. I was born and raised in the Black Hill, "Paha Sapa", and have always felt the Hills are a sacred place. I would recommend this book to anyone, who would kept an open m [...]

    22. The writer is taking historical knowledge and blending it with imagination gives us the journey of His Crazy Horse, an Oglala Lakota, from puberty to his death. He doesn’t show this almost mythical figure too saintly or too demonized. Crazy Horse is an interesting character and he is more known from the battle of the Little Big Horn against Custer. I learned a lot about him and the Native Americans as well as the terrible things done to Native Americans by whites. I found the book a good readi [...]

    23. Blevins wrote a lot of information about the spiritual side of Crazy Horse, but I found I could not connect to the character very much. I feel that the Indians have been treated horrifically, so this was at odds with how the character affected me in the story. I think Blevins made the book about 30% longer than it should have been repeating scenes many times to cover all the angles (spiritual, physical, emotionally, etc.). I did get a lot of information I didn't know about Crazy Horse and the In [...]

    24. Thought ProvokingA wonderful book. I loved reading about the historical life of His Crazy Horse. As stated by the author, some of the more intimate details are not proven facts, but they certainly seem in line with this Great Warrior. Moments of laughter, moments of joy, and certainly moments of shame that our ancestors treated the Indians in such a shameful manner. Thanks to Win Blevins for a wonderful and thought provoking read.

    25. A Warrior Who Loved His PeopleI chose this many stars because it was the best Book I have read about Crazy Horse. The depth he went into to know the man, warrior and his beliefs. The trials he had to face and unbelievable hardships he wore as a medal to his persona. An incredible history of our injustices to his people we as newbies forced on the Indians, we did not try to understand their ways of life.

    26. What an adventure! Win Blevins had me completely immersed in the lives of the Lakota tribe of His Crazy Horse. I felt like an actual witness. Though it was a fictional account of the actual events, Blevins could not have prepared himself better (39 years!) to tell the tale of these inspiring people from His Crazy Horse's adolescence until his death. Just a week after finishing it I want to read the book again.

    27. Great Read!I love the in-depth character studies. It felt like I was re-living the life of the Sioux And other people's. I like the respect given to Spirit within and without. In any biography, we all know how it ends, but this was heartening. I will recommend this book to others - for the reading and for the historical references. Job well done!

    28. Crazy HorseA very enlightening read. Learned so much and admire our native people. Am more ashamed of how we treated them. So many times our military obey "orders" rather than obeying common sense or our heart I find it ironic that the native people kept this land as given to us and civilisation is ruining it.

    29. A Spiritual ManThis one started a little slowly for me. After awhile I became totally absorbed in this story of a very spiritual, honorable and brave warrior of a proud and mistreated people. It is a mostly true depiction of the exploitation of native Americans by the U.S. government and its representatives.

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