"Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate

Let s Get a Pup Said Kate The Barnes Noble ReviewA little girl s dream comes true twice in this outstanding picture book from gifted author illustrator Bob Graham After her cat Tiger dies Kate needs another companion to lov

  • Title: "Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate
  • Author: Bob Graham
  • ISBN: 9780763614522
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Barnes Noble ReviewA little girl s dream comes true twice in this outstanding picture book from gifted author illustrator Bob Graham After her cat, Tiger, dies, Kate needs another companion to love, someone to keep her feet warm at night Let s get a pup she proclaims as she bounces in bed with Mom and Dad The young parents are quite cool with the ideaThe Barnes Noble ReviewA little girl s dream comes true twice in this outstanding picture book from gifted author illustrator Bob Graham After her cat, Tiger, dies, Kate needs another companion to love, someone to keep her feet warm at night Let s get a pup she proclaims as she bounces in bed with Mom and Dad The young parents are quite cool with the idea and scan the papers until they find a Rescue Center There they find a wide assortment of pooches sniffers, sleepers.ters and bitershappy dogs, sad dogs And then they see Dave Dave is perfect small, cute, and brand new Content to leave with the new member of the family, they spot another dog, Rosy, who is old and gray and can barely stand up But, as Graham so beautifully states, she radiated Good Intention Now they want Rosy too, but they can t save every dog, right So, they reluctantly leave That night the family can barely sleep, and only due in part to Dave s crying They know what they have to do they go to the shelter and get Rosy.Graham uses pen and ink and watercolor to reveal the close knit and very hip family With Mom s tattoo and nose ring, and Dad s ear pierced, funky look, this parental duo reflects the times And their house, filled with the tiny details that make up our lives, makes for cozy reading Uneaten toast on the counter, with shoes and toys strewn on the floor, will be familiar to young readers who don t have Donna Reed as a mother Graham s signature watercolors are a perfect match for this easygoing and loving group The text also complements the pace of the story When they see their new pup, the name Dave is in bold, and is the only word on the page And when they leave Rosy behind, white space and a minimum of words convey their heartbreaking decision.With expert storytelling and humorously endearing illustrations, Graham once again creates a loving family with unconventional folks Their love of pups, and each other, is sure to tug at the heartstrings of every young reader Amy Barkat

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    2 thoughts on “"Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate

    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information An Australian children s author and illustrator His books include Max, which won the Nestl Smarties Book Prize Gold Award, Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child, which won the Kate Greenaway Medal, and Let s Get A Pup Said Kate which won the Boston Globe Horn Book Award

    2. Great story! I really like that the family is more representative of what people are actually like today. Mom has a tattoo, dad wears t shirts; the house is messy, not perfect. These laid back and understanding young parents take their daughter Kate to a shelter to adopt a pup. They end up adopting two dogs; a young spirited pup named Dave and an old, big dog named Rosy.Kate is happy now that she has two new friends to keep her company since her cat Tiger died.I like the message that this book s [...]

    3. I love this book so much it's difficult for me to write a review. It is, for me, absolutely perfect. It's the story of Kate, who wants a puppy and gets one. But it is so much more than that. It's about loving something so much you will never get over missing it, but you will come to realize your can love again. It's about having expectations for what you want in your new companion--and finding it. And then being surprised that you might still need more. It's about realizing that the heart can ho [...]

    4. Outstanding!From the incredibly lovely and poetic last line all the way back to the start of the book, this story is wonderful. It’s about a family who had a cat that died, and now go to adopt a dog, and end up with somewhat more than they bargained for. The story and pictures are very poignant and also funny. Great rhyming too!This is a wonderful book about dog adoption and it’s also about a wonderful and normal family, but a slightly unconventional one too. And the author-illustrator made [...]

    5. This book has received numerous awards and it's no surprise why. It stars off as a typical book about a kid who wants a dog but ends up a loving tribute to dogs in shelters everywhere. Here's the gist of the story and why I think it's so great:(view spoiler)[The family has an idea of what they want when they go to the pound: a young, little, bouncy, happy dog and they find him and take him home. But they also see an elderly, big, slow dog there, the opposite of what they want. But when they go h [...]

    6. Even though this picture book seems to depict an ideal story because of the happy family who easily agrees to adopt two dogs, it also presents the ordinary side of life. Parents have easy-going attitude towards life, they have tattoos and piercings, wear baggy clothes and their house is quite messy. However, they create a loving family for their daughter. They care about each other, spend a lot of time together and hug quite often. I think that the book presents a good attitude towards animals w [...]

    7. Great story with thoughtful illustrations. Brought my 5 year old son to tears, not sobbing tears, but tears that mean the story touched his heart. He recently lost a pet fish and just generally loves animals. I recommend this book to all pet lovers.

    8. What to do when you've come to the Rescue Centre, chosen your perfect young pup, Dave and then you spot Rosy?"She was old and grey and broad as a table she stood, it seemed, almost politely. Her eyes watered, her ears went back, and she radiated Good Intention.'My wish for you,' said Dad, 'is that you could lie on someone's living-room floor.''Or on their couch,' said Mum.'Or on someone's bed,' said Kate.Mum's voice shook. 'We would take them all if we could, but what can we do?'* * * During a c [...]

    9. A well-written, expertly paced, and touching story with lively, hip, and cozy illustrations and a great book design:The Barnes & Noble review says it all.

    10. Kate wakes up one morning and decides she wants a pup to keep her feet company at the end of her bed (her cat Tiger used to do this but Tiger died last year) so the family heads off to The Rescue Center. The center for dogs without a home. The center for dogs all alone. There they find all kinds of different dogs but fall in love with a pup named Dave and he's all that they want.Until they see Rosy. An old, gray dog who struggles to her feet and stands politely looking at them. Now this is the p [...]

    11. "Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kategives a very modern look into the lives of a family searching for dog. Kate's cat has just died and she is left very lonely. Kate decides that she would like to get a pup and asks her parents for one. Her parents browse through the paper and see an add for the Rescue Centre for dogs without homes. At the centre they fall in love with a small dog named Dave. On their way out, however, they meet a dog named Rosy whom they also love. Realizing they can't take all the dog [...]

    12. This is a lovely book for young children, the characters are accessible, reflecting as they do, modern family life - parents with piercings and tattoos! The characters really talk to the readers, with simple but meaningful text. The story is about choosing the right dog from a rescue centre, but discovering that what you think you want might not always be what you need. The family decide to replace a dead cat with a puppy, to sleep on the end of the bed where the cat used to sleep. This little s [...]

    13. I must admit that the parents in this story made me do a double-take the first time we read this book. They are certainly not the conventional image of parents we see in most picture books, and I doubt I would have ever seen a book like this when I was a child. But I suppose that it reflects the changing styles of contemporary society, with tattoos and piercings becoming more of the norm. The story is very sweet and I love that the family adopts from the pet shelter. The narrative is short and e [...]

    14. A picture book which could be used in lower KS2, tells the story of Kate's exciting journey of choosing a dog from a rescue centre. At the rescue centre Kate and her parents look at all the different dogs in the rescue centre and they see Dave, an excited and "brand-new" dog. However they then see Rosy,an old, grey dog, they have chosen Dave so they have to leave Rosy behind. Kate and her parents make a wish for Rosy, as they leave her in the rescue centre. The next day they all feel the same fo [...]

    15. Let’s Get a Pup! Said Kate is a wonderful book for humane education, dealing with pet loss, shelter adoption, and adopting older pets. Every animal shelter with an outreach program needs this gem on their bookshelf. Let’s Get a Pup!’s illustrations are unique in that they are very real, in a way not normally seen in children’s picture books. The family’s home is cluttered in the way that homes tend to be. Dad has an earring, and Mom has a flower tattoo on her arm. (Considering that 40 [...]

    16. This book was so cute! It shows a struggle that almost every family goes through, the decision of a family pet. Whether is a dog, cat, fish, or hamster, there are always choices to make once you get to that pet store, and just like others have said, "you can't save all of them right?" Well, in this picture book, we see the struggle a family has between a pup and the older grey haired dog. They leave with just the pup and its depicted through bold text and bright pictures, but when they remind th [...]

    17. When Kate's feet are lonely at the end of her bed following the passing of Tiger the cat, she decides the time is right to get a pup. She and her parents make the trip to the animal rescue center, searching for the perfect pup. They see dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments before finding Dave, the pup of their dreams. And then they see Rosy -- old, arthritic, and fat, but radiating good intentions. This is a book for dog lovers of all ages and one that teaches a subtle lesson about compas [...]

    18. I am a sucker for a good dog book, and there are NOT many out there. This one is just perfect. Rosie and Dave are rescued by Kate's family from the Rescue Centre 'the centre for dogs without a home, the centre for dogs all alone'.Rosie and Dave are everything dogs should be and more. This is Bob Graham at his finest.

    19. I really enjoyed reading this book! The illustrations in this book are great as they represent an image of a realistic, modern family. The ending was really enjoyable as it goes above expectations that the family themselves, had. Definitely worth a read!!

    20. Bob Graham is brilliant. I love his slightly funky young parents and exuberant children. This book celebrates the joys of finding a new dog--and the beauty of finding an old dog, too.

    21. This story is about a family who is looking for a dog. The family ends up at the rescue shelter where they find all kinds of dogs, including Dave and Rosy. The family brought Dave home, but soon felt that Rosy belonged with them as well. This book is a great one for children with pets. So many students are going to want to tell us about their puppies, and this book will be a great one to use to relate their lives to books. I would love to have this book in my classroom.

    22. Kate woke up and wanted a new pup. She and her parents went to the rescue center and found the perfect pup, Dave. On their way out, they saw an older dog called Rosy. They felt they couldn't take both dogs, so took Dave home. But the following morning, mum and dad said they kept thinking of Rosy back at the centre. They went back to pick up Rosy as well. It is a lovely story about rescuing dogs and that you might not neccessary want what you think you want.

    23. Kate and her family visit the animal shelter where they find an adorable puppy that they fall in love with until they see an old dog which they also want. The family has to make decisions on what dogs they want for the family.

    24. A great story about adopting from a shelter, and I love that the art depicts parents with piercings and tattoos, but it doesn't factor into the plot at all.

    25. Such a cute book!! Kate is the cutest character and I love how the illustrations show the family to be realistic.

    26. This book is about a young girl that want a puppy. Her cat Tiger recently died so she is now lonely when sleeping in her bed. The next day she ask her parents if they can get a puppy and her parents say yes. They leave immediately without eating breakfast after seeing a newspaper ad about a dog shelter. When they go in they see all types of dogs, but she falls in love with one named Dave. As they leave Dave runs up to another dog named Rosy but they do not want to dogs so they go home. The next [...]

    27. "Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate by Bob Graham is a favorite story of mine about a modern family who goes to a dog rescue center to find a new puppy, but ends up with a bit more than they had expected.Graham's expressive illustrations were done in watercolor and ink, in his trademark cartoonish style. The rescue center and wide variety of dogs there are respectfully pictured. The modern look of the parents, who sport piercings, a nose ring and a tattoo, allow today's children to recognize people the [...]

    28. Kate wakes up one morning missing her cat who had died the winter before. Out of spontaneity she decides she wants to get a dog. That day Kate and her parents head to the Rescue Center and choose between large varieties of dogs. Eventually the family ends up with a pet or two who tie the family together and grant all of their wishes. The one aspect of the book that seems to stand out to me the most is the characteristics of Kate’s parents shown in the illustrations. They both have multiple pie [...]

    29. When feeling lonely, there is no better idea than getting a pup! With great excitement about picking out a dog, they look through the news papers and see an advertisement for "The Rescue Center." Although after seeing all the many different kinds of dogs, Kate and her parents have a hard time choosing which dog they want to be their next pet. Can you help her choose which dog is the best one?? Everyone loves dogs!! This is a great book that kids can relate to about getting a puppy or a small pet [...]

    30. Ok so all Graham's books happen in an ideal world where adults and children are on the same page, hearts are as big as oceans and happiness is the inevitable outcome. Sure in some ways not very realistic.In other ways the pictures add details that are very realistic- parents with unique character, messy cluttered homes, movement and business and not neat, sterile perfection.I loved this book. I loved what it said about aging and character and about families and generations. Whenever I have to re [...]

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